Monday, April 27, 2009

Softly Does It

Couldn't help but day dream a little when I came across this photo from America's Better Homes & Garden website. I just love the "softness" this room conveys. It's a very casual and calming space don't you think ? I adore the little side table with the overstuffed vase of blooms. Oh how I love flowers. Off to my flower man again this afternoon. I have my own vases to stuff.


  1. It's beautiful and oh so feminine - just gorgeous!


  2. Oh I dream of the day when I have a white lounge. Not with my three lil' piggy's but. Will have to stick to buying in brown

  3. Oh Yes I Love this Photo! It's all so gorgeous! Daisy~

  4. That is a photo from the home of Rachel Ashwell.
    Just beautiful!

  5. I love everything in this picture!

    And your blog is very nice, such inspiring and beautiful posts :)


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