Monday, November 16, 2009

What Turns Your Tap On?

image from Brevity 26

Today I can feel my fear tap trickling on. This always happens when I have something coming up I don't wish to face. What turns yours on?


  1. DENTIST!!!!!!! hope your tap turns off soon.

  2. mmm.... I hope whatever it is you have to face will go fine.... Monday's usually turn on the "hope tap" hoping for a great start to the week!!!

  3. Oh.. I think we all go thru these phases... Where we dont want to face things... I like the image though!

    Dont worry.. you'll get thru it fine..

  4. Jumping out of an airplane would turn my fear faucet on full blast....haha...:)

  5. I have a fear of housework!!
    Hope you can turn that tap off - and just 'go with the flow'!!
    In answer to your question on op shopping in Boonah, I didn't get a chance to check out the town (next time I go I will), but I'm certain they would have one. There was a busy flea/vegetable market in full swing when I arrived, but as I drove out of town everyone was packing up :-( Next time I visit I'll do more research for you.
    Cheers, Karen

  6. The same really, things you have to do but don't want to or a deadline etc. Let me know if there is something I can do to help turn the tap off, cheers Katherine

  7. Things not going as i so carefully planned!

  8. Ooh, hope everything is ok Simone! xoxo

    My fear tap - hmm everything! I have a panic disorder, stemming from some post traumatic stress I developed after getting really sick one year.

    My fear manifests itself in different ways every few months - but it's anything related to now being able to breathe (because I have a lung disease). At the moment, I hate being in lifts - which is very inconvenient because I work on the 22nd floor. I've somehow convinced myself that if I get stuck in one, I might run out of oxygen. No wonder I dislike going to work at the moment ;)

  9. Oh dear...what can that be? I hope you will be okay! My fear tap is public speaking and presentations. I know I can do them but no matter how much experience I have, the butterflies get a-whirling and I visit the loo about 100 times with nerves and feel like I want to be sick...not fun. Before it happens I sometimes wonder if I can actually string a sentence together - I am so scared I loose my ability to talk!!! It is a relief when it is all over. Still, I realise it is also good for me to do this - to overcome my fears... so I try to seek out these opportunities from time to time! Crazy I know! I just wish it got a little easier!!! xxx

  10. I feel your pain--today I have to drive in bad weather and I don't like it!
    I guess we'll have to take this in baby steps.

    Good Luck!!


  11. tax returns,
    corporate discos,
    2 hours of washing up after last night's dinner party,
    paying my solicitor,
    unpacking my last 20 boxes of jumbled art equipment,
    all overdue........
    what are you dreading?

  12. I have so many fears! Some are based in reality and many are unfounded!
    But my biggest fear is the thought of any harm/sadness coming into the life of loved ones.

    I'll keep you in my prayers as you face one of your fears. I do so hope it all works out for your good.
    All the best to you,

  13. Taking a leap into the unknown turns mine on for sure. I'm such a careful and meticulous planner that it's hard for me to take risks. It's something I'm currently struggling with!

  14. Hi Simone, your post today is just perfect. I will be facing my fear due to a major surgery this week. I also blogged about it to help ease my fear I guess. Thanks for sharing such a perfect word that I really must face.

  15. Hi Simmone,

    What an interesting post...hmmm, chaos and disorder turn my fear tap on.

  16. I know what you are speaking of.
    I just found my poor little etsy shop go empty.
    I have neglected this creative outlet for too long. I am nervously trying to focus myself to make a switch in energy flow. It may be a good cleanse if this lights a flame under me, and gets me charging forward.

  17. Hi love this thought provoking post, Im such a sensitive soul the thought I may have upset someone by not being sensitive to them! Sharon xxoo

  18. HI Simone
    Hope whatever it is goes well for you. Mine is on this morning as we embark on a 1 week project implementation. Actually it should be on but i'm too tired.. haha... take care xx Julie

  19. Hi everyone, thanks for your concerns, I have a day op next week and I am a little frightened that's all. I will get over it.

  20. Getting on a scale at the doctor's office definitely turns on my fear tap!

  21. going to the doctor or anything that can be financially costly like the dentist/doctor!


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