Friday, December 18, 2009

Project Day: My Christmas Table Setting

I am not big on the traditional "silver, red & green" Christmas table scape. Christmas Day at my house is a simple affair. Good food, loving family, friends and lot's of laughs (mix in some champagne for good measure). So I like to set the table in the most simple of ways. Using things I already have instead of buying new items that may never get used again. I am using:
  • An old shell belt I picked up from a thrift store for a few dollars.
  • A vintage seersucker tablecloth in muted colours.
  • Mismatched napkins.
  • One round Doiley.
  • A small glass jar.
  • Shells.
  • Tea light candles.
  • Mismatched vintage china plates.
Cut up the belt to make 15cm long pieces. These will make your napkin rings. I managed to get 6 from the belt. Hot glue gun each end together to form 1 ring. Repeat until all rings are glued.
I like my guests to take home a small token from the day. This will be the shell jar (put some shells in a glass jar and tie some ribbon around the top) & the vintage doiley used to wrap utensils in. Light your tea candles and place them randomly around the table (never leave candles burning unattended). Set up your napkins in the rings along with some vintage china plates. Enjoy lunch or dinner without the hassles of setting up (and then stressing about) expensive table settings and the like.
Have a wonderful smile filled weekend. Simone xx


  1. hope you have a wonderful weekend Simone ♥

  2. Hi Simone
    I love your attitude to Christmas decorating.. I never did like the red & green combo. Have a great weekend and thanks for these great ideas. xx Julie

  3. You are so clever! It's perfectly you and I love it!

  4. Oh Simone, can I come to Christmas dinner at your house? I'm so over dark, green, red and cold! Your table setting looks beautiful!

  5. So lovely...I do adore you vintage china...I am into yellow lately. I guess I want to see some sun. xoxoxo

  6. So pretty. I love it!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lee Laurie

  7. Neat alternative to the traditional colors.


  8. I love your less traditional style, it's so sweet and relaxed! The napkin rings are my favourite....

  9. Luv it Simone...luv your color combination better than red and green. I'm the same way!

  10. oh my gosh.. Simone.. that is so pretty.. I so agree.. with the simple Christmas.. We do the same.. just simple.. & make use of whatever we have..

  11. So what time would you like me to arrive???

    hehehe! Looks smashing!

  12. Very sweet table setting!
    I love it!
    All the best,

  13. Great find with the shell belt!
    The napkin rings look fab - lovely decorations for a hot summer xmas!

  14. In the past we have spent most of our holiday seasons in Hawaii, so most of our decorations are shells and starfish.

    It's been so wet and cold here in Los Angeles but, Christmas day most always ends up warm and sunny. Enjoy this season no matter the weather.

  15. very pretty! i am not much for red and green either. i love your mix matched plates, everything still seems to all go together so well.

  16. Love your clever use of the shell belt to make the napkin rings. Enjoy your weekend Simone x

  17. love it all, but my oh my.... I AM IN LOVE with that dear little plate.
    thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Simone, your table is going to be stunning!
    Happy weekend!

  19. Hi Simone, although you will have a lovely warm and sunny day ours is likely to be very cold and miserable, however we are lucky to be staying in a fishermans cottage in a little English seaside harbour.I had already thought that I will take a 3 tier cake stand and collect shells,pebbles and driftwood and set amongst tealights, we will have to use the china available but I also picked up a fantastic remnant of sea inspired and shell design fabric as a cloth. Icant wait to be beside the sea!
    Happy Christmas

  20. How pretty you Christmas table looks!It makes a nice change from the usual things we see.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  21. Oh Simone you do it again lovely!! hope you have a great christmas & new year I must get you to e-mail me your address I have some lovley shells I found on the beach up here in the north QLD I should send to you so you can create something lovley with them Elaine :)

  22. Simone what a cheerful fun table setting.
    Love it

  23. Simple, pretty and elegant - love everything! Leigh

  24. oh! having the christams at the seaside must be so exciting! i love your christmas table ideas! for the muffins i use both the cupcake/muffin paper and the muffin tin. i firts place the papers in the tin and then fill with pastry. it's the only way to make them grow in a regular way!
    don't miss my latest post on christams decorations in my house!

  25. This is lovely! Such a springlike beach feel, much nicer than the clichéd holly colours. I'm inspired to have a rummage to see what I can create.

  26. Beautiful...a very summery christmas! And so your style! xxx

  27. So lovely! These would make beautiful Christmas presents.

  28. My favorite part of your project days is how you always find a way to use things you already have or thrift things. So crafty and thrifty!

  29. i love the non tradition! that sand dollar too....wish we had them on our local beaches..

  30. Hi Simone

    A very beachy Christmas table! I love it!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best in the coming New Year.


  31. I totally agree! With not having to use the "standard red and green" Christmas colors. And about not splurging on finery for the holiday. I love your idea of sending your guests away with the gift. I think people are more appreciative and feel less overwhelmed if you keep it simple. Otherwise they're worrying that "oh, you've gone to too much trouble." We don't need to spend a lot of money on gifts and decorating for the festivities. It is about enjoying yourself and your loved ones. Great post, Simone!

  32. it's amazing to me, the difference of what a table would look like here in Canada versus yours in Australia. Your table looks so sunny and warm - but it is sunny and warm!
    very very pretty.

  33. Perfection! I so love the fact that there is no red...and tinsel! A-M xx

  34. Oh this is so great, you really are the best! I adore the plate, and seersucker reminds me of my childhood. Wonderful

  35. Your setting is just lovely. I'm also having Christmas lunch this year & planning to go a little less traditional. Hot roast dinners are not really suited to our hot christmas day's.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Simone!

  36. j'aime beaucoup!!

    joyeux noël


  37. My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

    Love & Hugs

  38. You are so creative..I love this, just my taste! Thank you for the visit today...Have a lovely Holiday!!! Hugs..Tami

  39. This is just perfect, my two favorite things together — vintage and beach! I'm with you, my guests never leave my home without a treasure from the sea.

    There was a little 9 yo girl here the other day. She was searching through my baskets and then climbing a chair to match it to the shells I have glued in a large frame with the names. She loved learning what they are and I sent her home with one of each.

    If you have a chance, drop by and see my "over the top" seashell Christmas tree.

    Seashell Christmas Tree

  40. I love the plates!! So non-traditional! It's absolutely lovely!
    Happy Holidays

  41. Very pretty setting. I agree with you and you can have a stunning xmas table on a budget and it will look a million dollars. I set up mine a week back (trial run) and its going to be simple but lovely i hope. Mel xxx (just added you to my blog list so i can keep up with all the lovliness)

  42. Hi Simone! I love, love, love your table setting!! It is so absolutely lovely! Have a Merry Christmas!
    ps Thank you for the nice feedback!:)

  43. I love your waterside style Simone. Happy Holidays!

  44. Perfectly delightful!

    Warm blessings and Merry Christmas!


  45. It looks lovely! I really like shells too.

  46. Looks fantastic! Wishing you and yours a joyful Christmas! I have a great giveaway on my blog for Aussie residents, do pop over.

  47. Hi Simone, I found your blog... this is a very lovely christmas present to me!!! Your blog is so, so beautiful!!!
    I wish you and your family a very merry christmas and may next year be of much blessings and happiness to you all.
    con mucho cariño,
    Maria Cecilia

  48. Absolutely gorgeous! You are one talented woman! xo


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