Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~ Like a Bolt ~

I always get excited when a new shipment of fabrics arrive in the store. I have been so busy touching and feeling them I have lost track of where I am at today. My favourite has to be the oilcloth prints in the first photo. Great for making tablecloths, aprons and all kinds of things! I made my first Christmas tablecloth this week. I am so excited that it turned out well.
you can buy a select range of our fabrics online here


  1. Beautiful patterns, and I love them!
    In Croatia, unfortunately, has little choice so we are forced to order from other countries. Thank you for your suggestion.
    I love and have long been following your great blog even though sometimes lead to fever do not comment. I shall make sure that I am more regular.
    Best regards and a kiss, Zondra Art

  2. I love my oilcloth tablecloth :) These fabrics look lovely!

  3. Lovely fabrics all of them! Congrats on the successful tablecloth! Warm hugs to you! xxoo :)

  4. i agree the first photo of fabrics is my favorite too. but they are all so happy & fun!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous fabrics, Simone. I can see how you could forget what you were up to with these as a distraction!! I love my oilcloth that I purchased from you and am making some Chrissy present tote bags out of what was left after Bella's desk top was finished. I may have to pop over and have a look at some of those gorgeous floral prints! Happy Wednesday Simone. Hugs ~ Txx

  6. beautiful, I feel the same about my work room with all the gorgeous fabrics together

  7. I wish I could find such a fabulous fabric store around where I live, Simone! I love to touch the fabrics before I buy, but with those incredible patterns, I might just be convinced to buy them online! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  8. So pretty my friend...a Christmas tablecloth would be amazing!!!

    Hugs. xoxo

  9. I had to go to the fabric store last week to get something and I just wandered around touching it all - totally get what you mean. The funny thing is, I can't sew but I love fabric and I imagine all the great things I could make with it.

  10. I'd do the same thing too.
    They all look amazing!


  11. Serious case of fabric envy from this corner :}

  12. Yes please, can I have them all!! Stunning. Great eye candy that's for sure. Pruxxx

  13. Please show us your new tablecloth, I would love to see it. The fabric in the second photo with the golden yellow flowers and green leaves is lovely and the green in the foreground of the bottom pic, with the bows is georgeous too.

  14. Wow those fabrics are stunning i couldn't even pick one out they are all gorg. Enjoy using them. Dee x

  15. What beautiful patterns and colours! Can't wait to see what you'll make out of these fabrics :)

  16. all look amazing! the colors. i have to say that during these cold winter days here, i truly love coming to visit your blog, beach vintage, for not only a "beach" get away but to ogle such bright, brilliant patterns. gives me a much needed boost. :)

  17. Loving those summer colors and prints from the last photo. I guess I'm ready for winter to end, lol. Beth

  18. Hi Simone,
    Loved the Womens Weekly story.
    Made the issue even more special.
    I always keep the Christmas Mags
    for inspiration each year.
    My Mum loved it too.
    I am working out my finances for
    your beautiful materials.
    WOW I love them!
    Hope your weather today is as
    beautiful as in SA, Sun is shining,
    birds are happy;)
    Love Sue

  19. Hi Simone,
    Just received my dear Ceramic Wall
    Swallow by Robert Gordon.
    It will be the perfect gift for
    a special lady! Thanks so much for
    sorcing some beautiful Australian
    Made giftables. So Great.
    Love Sue

  20. These fabrics are so beautiful! I'm moving to Brisbane soon, and doing up a little cottage on the South Side... so I'll be sure to stop by the shop, say hi, and check out these beautiful prints in person!
    I love your blog... It's so bright and cheerful... just what I want to look at as I wait out the winter weeks in Toronto waiting for my Australian visa to arrive!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  21. these fabrics look delicious Simone! And your blog is lovely. Have a nice weekend, love Maaike


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