Friday, December 10, 2010

Project Day - Gum Nut Christmas Cloche

I love Australia, and I love Gum Nuts. They are falling all around my property at the moment. For me they symbolize the Australia bush in all it's beauty. I needed to bring some of this beauty inside today, so I made this little vignette. I used:
  • A glass display cloche which I picked up [luckily] for a few dollars at an op shop.
  • Some Gum Nuts or similar.
  • Doileys, ribbons and glue.
Firstly I cut out a base from an old doiley. There are no rules to this. Just decorate how ever you want to. Then I simply cut some strips of doileys and wrapped them around the branches. Secure with craft glue as you go. Lastly I added some white glitter ribbon to the bottom. Assemble the cloche and that's it! Easy.
Have a great weekend everyone. Talk next week.
Simone xx


  1. Beautiful and very simple idea, I lake it!
    Regards, Zondra Art

  2. It's always such a delight to seen and read another of your blogposts. I always wonder what it will be you'll show us and it amazes we how you just cut up doileys without any hesitation and create new things. I'm afraid I'm not that confident myself yet but I'm working on it. I've never heard of or saw those gum nuts before but they look great for decorating!
    Have a lovely sunny day,

  3. I love Australia too! Growing up in the US, we sang the Kookaburra song, also Waltzing Matilda. I like, as an adult, finally getting some of the references! Fun what you've done with the gum "drops!"

  4. Beautiful for Christmas decor and beyond.

    Felicity x

  5. Nice and very aussie!

    I have a giveaway going on right now - a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores but its only for US and Canadian readers.

  6. How clever! It's adorable. These are the kinds of things I like to bring home from my travels. I just brough some cool dried limbs off pine trees back with me but I didn't make anything as lovely as you have here.

  7. hi!!!
    I love your blog.Beautiful pictures and great ideas.
    Thanks for the mention Brasil.
    From São Paulo-Brazil

  8. So creative...a doiley can dress up anything...another great idea my friend. xoxo

  9. Iv never seen those before they look a bit like poppy heads that we get in England. Beautiful idea it looks stunning. Have a lovely weekend. Dee x

  10. Simone, This is so have given me such inspiration today....Sadly, no gumnuts for me this year but I shall find something on the farm that will have a similar effect. Happy Christmas....xv

  11. hello my talented friend! i just adore your creation! it's so beautiful!!
    wish you a very sweet weekend!

  12. Vakkert - beautiful! Have a nice weekend!

    Solrosa :)

  13. How pretty! I love how you used the doiley at the bottom :)

  14. Never heard of gum nut. But you sure can make a simple object look pretty.

  15. Sweet Aussie theme and do like your last post of fabrics, the colours are beautiful

  16. Adore it Simone. So Australian and coastal. The perfect combo. I so have to find myself a display coche. Stunning idea. Pruxxx

  17. This is just lovely! I've never seen gum nuts before, and I love the vintage feel of using that doily to wrap the stem--so beautiful! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  18. Hi!
    I love your creations and you have nice ideas.
    Every day I go to see things in your blog because it relaxes me walk through your pages.
    Thank you and continues to create.

  19. This is so unusual and just gorgeous!!



  20. I love this idea, gonna try it myself!

  21. Hey lady! So my old blog has been re posted by someone else. I am trying to get them to take it down. I noticed that you commented on it so I just wanted to let you know that it spam and my real site is

  22. What a cute project!! This is so adorable and so vintage. Can't wait to try it!


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