Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beach Vintage Flood Relief Update

Hi everyone. This is day 2 of the Beach Vintage Flood Relief in Brisbane.
Firstly a HUGE thank-you to all those whom have donated over the past 2 days.
You have no idea what these means to the people I have met and fed.
Some people just can't believe we are driving around doing this.
Some ask where we are from.
Some cry.
But all are grateful.
Day 1:
Rocklea - business district totally destroyed. Handed out food and water to business owners and volunteers cleaning up a mass of mud and grime.
Graceville - Residential. So bad I could not take photo's. It felt wrong too. Peoples houses gutted and full of mud. Handed out water to volunteers and army members.
Milton - Commercial District. Petrol generators everywhere. Many businesses have lost all stock and fit out. One family business on street washing stock in buckets to try and save what they could. Handed out food and water to whom ever needed it.
West End - Montague Rd. Very smelly. Most debris cleared here and roads are being cleaned up fast. Visited a small family business. They had lost 14 cubic metres of stock. Handed out food and water.

Day 2:
Rocklea again: This place has really been hit hard and no real hub where people can get food. So we went around again and handed out relief.
Fernvale: Local School needed cold water as still no electricity. We delivered the water and some sandwiches.
Jamboree Heights : State School where hundreds were lining up for tetanus shots. Food and cold water was welcomed there I can tell you !
Jindalee: Yallambee Street Business District. One whole shopping centre destroyed. Business owners and volunteers trying to clean up the mess. No electricity. Handed out cold water and more food.

....and tomorrow my friends we will do it all again.
Thanks so much for your donations, please keep them coming in.
Another update on Friday.



  1. Glad all those donations are helping Simone - keep up the great work x

  2. Amazing Simone..... I can't begin to imagine what you are all going through. What a disaster zone you are witnessing each day. Such a beautiful gesture to help these people, which I'm sure they must be so grateful for.

    Over here in W.A. one of our local building companies has started a Flood Appeal for West Australians to donate food and supplies to. He is sending semi-trailers over to QLD every few days. I took a box down this morning, we feel so helpless and sometimes just donating money doesn't seem enough, we just want to help out any way we can.

    Keep strong, it's a beautiful thing your doing!!

    Christine xx

  3. Hats off to you! You're doing brilliantly xx

  4. Just left a little donation..I appreciate seeing the pictures and reading about where you're going. I hope you can keep's just so important...just wished I lived closer.

  5. Dear are doing an AWESOME job which I am sure is truly appreciated..

    my son drove into Brisbane today to collect his goodies from where he was meant to stay re his job etc....& HE said the smell was just "unbelievable"...

    One can only imagine...& what I think readers from other countries may not realise is this is a BIG city of some 2 MILLION people..

    look forward to your next report...

    xxx andrea...

  6. Wow i had tears reading this post, you are all Angels and its amazing what you are doing and bringing hope. Hugs Dee x

  7. Oh Simone what you are doing is amazing, good on you! Bet you are tired but running on adrenaline at the same time. Look after yourself :)

    We have a few sites in town that look trashed still, almost 5 months on from the earthquake. In fact today I saw a large restaurant that was an icon for many many years, pulled down. Boy, the dust went everywhere.

    Thinking of you as you head out for another big day tomorrow...
    xx Karen

  8. You Just made me cry again Simone, you are great ladies will send some more money!! Big hugs to you both x

  9. Hi, thanks for the update, you are doing a fantastic job.
    I've just emailed my quilt group, over 700 members telling them of your work, including a link to your blog & I blogged about you, again with link. cheers, Jan

  10. you are sooo inpsiring if i was in qld i would be there but i am interstate keep up the great work xxxx

  11. Awesome work, just incredible!! That is a lot of sandwiches to make & i bet each & every one is tastey, fresh & delicious!! Love Posie

  12. Thank you for the update, it's good to see the donations going out to those who desperately need are all in our thoughts!

  13. It is beautiful what you are doing.
    I heard about the flood in Australia and i wish you can find strenghts to keep doing this as long as you are needed.

    Love from Portugal

  14. Simone you truly are an angel - people like you make the world a better place. Leigh

  15. Hi Simone,
    Best Wishes to you and your friend for
    doing so much to help a lot of people
    who need a helping hand. What a great
    thing to be doing.
    We who have clean homes, electricity
    and our own beds to sleep in know we
    are very lucky. Give everyone our love,
    We are thinking of them.
    <3 Sue

  16. Simone, your pics & words brought tears to my eyes.... (my friends in Graceville lost everything) THANKS for doing what I can't physically manage to do.... if you need another donation for more supplies or think of something else I CAN do... from the g'coast, collect anything? please email me... X

  17. you are so amazing,
    i appreciate what you are doing, i lived at gumdale for 30 years , my family are not there but they were born there and want to return one day...your info is better than the tv news.. brisbane will return as a greater better place

  18. That is lovely you helped out, well done girls!! x

  19. Have donated a little - wish I could donate more but I have a fair bit of debt at the moment...hope it helps to make a sandwich or two! But I guess really it is going to a lot

  20. You are doing an amazing job, just fantastic. So proud to be a Brissie blogger :) K xx

  21. you are amazing girls...i think this is the best flood help i have seen ! have you seen the before/after shots at
    Mel xx

  22. very good. Muito bacana...que pena que nao consigo ler...I.dont speak english.. mas entendi que são donativos. ( Donations). kisses.

  23. Dearest Simone, be sure to take care of yourselves too! I put your relief banner (linking back to your original post) on my sidebar.


  24. Brilliant work you're all doing. Really kind of you to get out there and help when many people wouldn't bother.
    You're an inspiration in kindness and craftiness!!! xxx

  25. What you do is really amazing and is touching people's lives. I would love to help you if I was there and I wish I could have been there to extend a helping hand. Instead, I will continue to pray for all the victims who have lost their homes and to those people like you whose blessings will be returned a hundred folds. :) I am mighty proud of you!

  26. You are very welcome, happy to help in some small way. THANK YOU both for doing what many of wish we could. Keep up the good work ;)

  27. dear simonne! all that images touch my heart! is so emotional what you and all your friends are doing!!! love and love is what al that people need not to lost the hope and faith!!!and to be strong to beguin again!!!! all my love and heart to you and everyone there..if l would live near you sure l would be making sandwiches with you!!!besossssss enormes!!!!!!!

  28. You girls are absolute angels - I'm so touched by your kindness xo

  29. NOBLE. am almost in tears. good work ladies.

  30. So fantastic Simone, what a great effort, well done honey.

    Just donated xx

  31. Simone this is wonderful what you are doing. Several years back we had a terrible flood in the eastern part of north carolina in the us. So many families never got back to was devastating! But, there were people like you out everyday doing what they could to help..and it made such a difference in their gave them hope. You are giving these people hope, God Bless You!
    I looked for a spot on your blog to leave a donation...didn't see anything...let me know how I can leave a donation.
    Tammy :-)

  32. Simone- I just found the link to help and have sent a donation your way!
    Bless you and all your friends for all you are doing!
    Tammy :-)

  33. What a great, great job you're doing there! An example really! Keep up the good work! We're keeping thumbs up for you from the other part of the world. Wish I could do more...

  34. I live far away from you but I want to make a small donation. You're doing a great job.

    Keep calm and carry on!!

    Maria from Spain

  35. Thank you Simone for what you are doing. I wish I could be there to help, instead I will support your efforts!
    appreciatively yours,

  36. aaamazing. all of your efforts will affect so many who are in need.
    i wish i could be there to help.
    thank you for being amazing!

  37. What a brilliant job you are doing!!

  38. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. We used to live in Brisbane, and have been horrified at what we have seen on TV, let alone what it must look like in person. So many of our friends & family have been affected, some living in the Brisbane area, others in the Toowoomba and Goondawindi areas- frightening and heartbreaking scenes.
    You are doing a wonderful job, it is heartwarming to see others helping those in trouble.
    Best wishes, chin up, and keep smiling
    Lady S

  39. My name is Gisele I´m from Brazil, we use to live in Rio de Janeiro and on this days have happened the same thing the rain have poored very strong here, we did not lost anything but unfortunely some friends of mine have.
    I feel so sorry for you guys to and we hope that God help our people pass through this...

  40. Congratulations Simone - you are doing an amazing job

  41. Well done to you, I delivered some care packs to Goodna yesterday, felt good to do more than just give money. Keep up the good work.

  42. What a gracious but humbling experience Simone. So satisfying to be able to give back to the community. Keep up the good work.

  43. amazing girls!!
    how could I not support such a worthy cause!!
    I have watched the news with tears in my eyes + felt helpless to help our aussie neighbours!!
    I have being without a comp for 2 I came on here to find two inspring girls doing amazing things!!....I can imagine the tears and hugs of gratefulness as you do your are truly inspirational + keep up the good work.....hugs

  44. So glad I came across this blog! What wonderful work and such inspirational ideas.
    Best of luck from Northern Ireland!
    Aly *

  45. & your friend jody are truely angels....

    it is amazing to watch from so far away fellow aussies helping one another....

    i have just donated again via your link...

    thank you on behalf of all of us australians on the other side of the globe....

    melissa xxx

  46. oh my gosh you are amazing!

    there is something so wonderful about doing something personal. my husband's colleague lost his whole house and while i've been doing my auctions and quilt collection I wanted to do something personal for one family so we collected a few new items, made them a quilt and ended up with 4 big bags of new homewares, a quilt and some gift vouchers and sent them up with my hubby to work in brisbane. He got a bit emotional thanking my husband and sent me a lovely email. It was such a nice feeling knowing you've helped in your own way and made the rebuilding process just a little bit easier

    keep up the good work! love the pictures sharing what you're doing!

  47. Just plain gorgeous angels for sure! Thanks so much for posting your story and your photos. Truly inspirational. It makes us all stop and think about what we can do to help. Every little bit helps, even from the other side of the world. Hugsxx

  48. Simone, sending you prayers and good thoughts - I so admire what you are doing and am happy to support you! I also posted about what you're doing today on trustyourstyle, so hoping that will bring even more donations.

    xoxo Mary Jo

  49. I am sending Blessings your way and a small donation hope it helps.I will try to next week as well.Bless you both~Kim

  50. That God blesses you! You do a great job!

  51. Querida Simone
    Moro no Brasil, Rio de Janeiro e tambem
    tivemos uma grande catastrofe na região
    serrana do estado, onde morreram muitas
    pessoas.Trabalhamos para arrecadar,comida,
    agua e roupas.Seu trabalho e incrivel e
    inspirador neste momento.Que D'eus te
    Abraços Augusta

  52. Simone, you and Jody are amazing! You look like sisters in the kitchen shot, what a great friendship and selfless idea. You two must be like a fresh bunch bunch of flowers when you show up. Have just made a donation for your sandwiches - nothing like a good sandwich when the chips are down.
    Again - Well done to both of you!!!

  53. I stopped over to see you via Cathi. I just wanted to say Bravo for doing such a wonderful thing. The world needs more people like you!


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