Monday, January 17, 2011

Chin Up

I find when I am upset about anything the best thing to do is get on with it. Work. Get out. Get moving. So today I am in my shop rearranging. Ordering. Cleaning up. Keeping busy. Trying everything to feel a little better about life at the moment. Opening my heart in the hope that inspiration will creep in and wake me from my sleep.


  1. Great work, it's like positive denial, i find keeping busy puts all sorts of negativity at bay. Love Posie

  2. GLAD to see u back!!. I do the exact thing.. Work helps ease the stress...I love your cheery pillows!

  3. Way to go Simone! Those cushions are adorable.
    Pam x

  4. Good for you Simone. Work is often the best therapy.
    Go well.

  5. That's the spirit Simone! Chin up and get going, be busy.

  6. It must seem like things will never get back to 'normal' whatever that is. I think we'll all have to make a very big effort to support Qld businesses this year :)

  7. Stay strong, all the best for your day :)

  8. Happy Sunday! Just listen, be still and open your heart to hear.It will come to you.~Cheers Kim P.S~your shop is darling

  9. Hang in there Simone
    We have you all in our thoughts.. xxx Julie

  10. My heart goes out to you all up there Simone. It has been a very emotional couple of weeks and now the Vics are getting it, being amongst all your beautiful things in the shop can only make you feel better. Take care xxJeanette

  11. What a beautiful fresh display of cushions...that fresh image is just what is needed to soothe peoples souls in this part of the world!

  12. All those cheery colours would brighten anyones day my sweet friend...hang in there...sending you my love and prayers! xooxoxo

  13. Hello Simone,
    Hope your days will increase with happiness
    once again. Your brightness always cheers
    me up, just look around your inspiring shop.
    All that colour and beauty.
    Best of wishes, Sue

  14. So glad your shop is ok! Life will get better adn inspiration will come:-)

  15. Found a power source so I am now sitting in the coffee club west end while surfing my fellow brisbane blogsters sites... as you do. so pleased that bulimba didn't go under and you can still provide us with the delicious prettiness that is your heavenly shop. Yes, it is hard to blog pretty and decorating at present isn't it. It all seems so trivial when so many are scraping silt and sewerage off their walls. I am going to skip down and say hello when the boys are back at school and buy something gorgeous for my little home... a 'welcome back home' present for it and me.... something for the walls/high up perhaps... just in case those cyclones off the coast get us again! A-M xx

  16. Hoping things are getting better. Did your store have any damage?
    Good Luck and prayers are being went your way!


  17. I so agree Simone.We all just have to get on with it and be thankful and grateful for what we have etc. Been meaning to pop in and visit but where does the time go? Did you see the pics of Hawthorne flood on atomic cafe...amazing to think that was just here. cheers Katherine

  18. Hi Simone...keep your chin up "young girl"!!

    I find when I am a bit down/depressed..I just have to CLEAN CLEAN & more CLEAN...(jeez, maybe that means I am always depresssed?)..

    Well i love cleaning anyway, but MORE so when a bit on the down side..

    All will be good...
    You Qld people are a resilient lot...& with the nation and the world behind you , Brisbane & surrounds will be better than ever..

    My son is still unable to go to his internship in Brisbane not sure when he will be back there...
    & I was sooo looking forward to my trip to visit him/your shop/katherines antique store etc etc...
    SOO all my holiday plans are on hold for the minute... from Melbourne....andrea

  19. It is a bit like that at the moment. Too much tragedy around us to be talking trivial... I hope you find that inspiration Simone, your shop should provide that for you - it is lovely. ;-)

  20. Simone.. do remember that we are continously thinking of you and everyone else there.. and praying that all will be well.. You've got to accept and try to move on.. Cant wait to see the brigher you back soon.. Definitely things will fall into place!! Keep smiling.. (atleast try!!)

  21. With all that mud and yuck I am sure lots longs for something bright and pretty. Know that what you are doing will brighten up many people in Brisbane. Your pics do a good job here too. I rather like the ones on the right ;)
    I was depressed last week and I was just watching it on TV! Found it good to be a part of the Auction. Then I was doing something positive.
    Found myself an old kitchen dresser and am scraping off all the white goo-ee paint to reveal the original green and yellow paintwork. Its like uncovering a treasure!!
    Colour, colour!!!
    We're with you Simone, every inch of the way :)

  22. Love the cushions Simone! life has to go on & the stronger we all are, your Inspiration & heart felt words will keep a lot of peoples spirits high take care Elaine x

  23. Its nice to see you back. I love the cushions at the top especialy the orange one. Thats a beautiful up lifting photo with such pretty colours. Dont be to hard on yourself it will come back to you. And we are all thinking of you. Keeping busy is the key. Big hugs Dee x

  24. Oh sweet Simone, I hope that during your busyness today, you found some peace of mind. You are such a thoughtful soul with such heartfelt words. Sending you lots of positivity, and if I was there in person, I would give you a huge hug, my friend. I love your photo of those gorgeous cushions, they really would bring a smile to anyone's face. ~ Txx

  25. I agree. They do say the best cure for melancholy is industry, and if you can't meditate to clean. So yes, let's keep busy! x

  26. Simone such terrible times but you are doing the right thing. Get on with it - great Aussie attitude.

  27. Good on you Simone, as they say 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' Thinking you you xxx

  28. Hi Simone,

    We went to Bulimba to check on you and others and I was so relieved to see you were okay, I can imagine how scary it would have been for you x

  29. Love your spirit Simone! All the best, Maureen xx

  30. "Beach said...
    Hope all is OK and thinking of you. The doctors will know best, trust in them. Happy New Year to you!"

    Thanks!! I'm going ok :)

    I've been thinking of you all in Brisbane, and I'm glad to hear your beautiful shop survived. My in-laws just escaped (another 3cm and water would've gotten in the house!). Their yard's a wreck, but they and the house survived. Thankful for small mercies - so many didn't make it. And all those stories of the children who were torn from parents/rescuers/family's arms... As a mother of a young child with another on the way, it just breaks my heart!

  31. It is so inspiring to see everyone in Brisbane pulling together and getting on with the tough job of rebuilding ahead. I think it is so important, especially for the children, that everyone gets back into routine as much as possible... I think we all find refuge in keeping busy doing something we enjoy.... and for so many of us, we get great pleasure in viewing the progress of your store and all your beautiful projects and home ideas! So Simone, your chin up encourages our chins up!!! Thanks for your kind words and beautiful images... bright colours promotes bright thoughts! X

  32. I agree, keeping busy always helps. It must e so difficult but I'm sure things will be brighter soon. Just being in your beautiful sop must bring you some joy - all that colour!

  33. Happy moments, PRAISE GOD
    Difficult moments, SEEK GOD
    Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD
    Painful Moments, TRUST GOD
    Every Moment, THANK GOD

    Hang in there, Lori

  34. busy is good and so is surrounding yourself in those wonderfully cheery colors! you can do anything.


  35. I am with you! I hope today would be a better day for you!
    Happy Monday!

  36. Hi Simone,I'm one of your "silent followers".I daily follow you,but I rarely comment (don't ask me why!I'm shy!?).So,I'm doing this to let you know how much I admire you. I pray for all of you,to stay strong and have faith. You'll re-build in the best,sweetest way!

  37. So glad your shop is ok Simone. I still haven't made it to Brisbane since you opened but it's top of my list of places to visit next time I'm up (which is hopefully before Easter when we go to Straddie). :-)

    Keeping busy is good for the soul especially when you can be practical and help others in turn. You're doing great. xx


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