Friday, January 21, 2011

~ End of a Long Week ~

It's the end of a long week for us. 4 days on the streets of Brisbane handing out food and water to volunteers and workers whom are doing such a fabulous job cleaning up our city. Your donations are still coming in, with thanks. All of the monies are being spent on supplies.
My local Lifeline store contacted me a few days ago. The ladies wanted to bake cakes and biscuits for us to hand out along our travels. Thanks so much Gillian for organising this. Your sweets bought wide smiles on many a tired face.

Day 3:
Rocklea: We met an author who had lost a whole storage shed of his first drafts, vintage books, and his mothers historical book collection. He shrugged and said "that's life I guess".
Chelmer: Army in full swing. Many houses are still without power.
Graceville: House after house gutted, just shells. Amazing.
Jindalee: Water got to 8m high in one small set of shops. Owners are working to clean their spaces out. Absolute devastation. When we gave out iced water they squeezed the bottles on their necks and faces before they drank it.
Bellbowrie: The towns only shopping complex completely under water and ruined. Every shop lost. Large crews working to restore power.
Oxley: Fire crews and SES working around the clock.

Day 4:
Rocklea: Businesses on Medway Street & Ipswich Rd. We keep going back here as the people are telling us that no-one comes for food drops except us [ and they love our chicken rolls!]
Fairfield: Drop by RSPCA and The Corso.
Jamboree Heights: Tetanus Centre. Still many people lining up for shots. Dropped some chicken rolls and chocolates.
Jindalee: Yallambee Rd. The bowls club is trying to reopen by this weekend. Go you people go! They are cleaning up fast.
Corinda: St Aidans School Recovery Centre. An old lady was sitting outside. She had a community officer telling her she could get $170 a week assistance. She had her head down clutching a bottle of water.
Yeronga: Yeronga Primary School Recovery Centre. Packed with people. Dropped off rolls and water and sweets.

My friends next week I will be doing 2 days relief. But it important not to stop. As our mayor said " This is not a sprint, it is a marathon". So I intend on continuing my efforts for at least the next few weeks.
Have a wonderful weekend, please count your blessings.
Simone xx


  1. I really admire you and your friends Simone. I am counting my blessings :)

  2. huge hugs to you two angels....i said it all in my email yesterday....

    simone & are incredible.....thank you from all of us aussies who can't physically be there

    melissa xxxx

  3. Amazing stuff. That was such an interesting and heartbreaking account. What a fabulous job you girls are doing. I take my hat off to you xxx

  4. great work girls!
    what a wonderful way to help & put smiles on people's faces.
    well done ♥

  5. You know how much good you are doing.
    Thank you for keeping us informed of your progress. We can't forget that this will take many people longer than a week or two to recover from.

  6. amazing effort girls - the city needs you - thanks ever so much - le xox

  7. You are an Angel.

    Bless you.


  8. Congratulations Simone you are fantastic. Kisses, Ana

  9. Simone,
    You are such an inspiration! Amazing, heart-wrenching stories!
    God Bless!

  10. You and your mates are doing such an amazing work..I love that you are going to places that others are not good!

  11. That is such a fantastic thing you are doing...I was telling your story to friends the other day. Thanks for sharing

  12. Such wonderful work, check you out sandwich queen. That water line is simply unbelievable!! Simply shocking. A great lunch warms the heart though, you gorgeous girl Simone, love Posie

  13. My gosh Simone unbelievable the water line was so high, thanks for the updates, I spat my dummy out today with major problems going on with my house build only to read your post & you have brought me down to earth & put it all in perspective its nothing compaired to what hundreds of people are going through at the moment so I must be greatful & keep dontaing to your worth while course!! :))

  14. Good luck with it all - I'm really glad you are reporting this to all of us and if we can help anymore I am sure we will xxx

  15. Wow. I read about what you are doing on Miss Sew and So - Melissa's blog. It's amazing - just to say: WELL DONE for doing something so active and positive. You are an inspiration. Lou x

  16. What an amazing week! I pray that you will be bless immeasurably for all the work and heart you've put into this, darling!

  17. Oh I tell ya, these stories are heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Keep up the great work - still praying for you all.

  18. Goodness i can't believe how high the water came up to those trees that makes it easy to understand the amount, and o boy that is a serious amount of water. You and your friends are fantastic keep it up. Have a lovely relaxing weekend you deserve it. Dee x

  19. I can not believe how high the water got! Wow.

  20. Oh my goodness my sweet are amazing. Blessings to you all...sending prayers to uplift you and give you energy to bless others. xoxoxoxo

  21. You ladies are absolutely amazing!!!
    Praying for Australia, here in Canada.

  22. I continue to applaud you Simone. Your help, food and smiles are surely making a difference to many people!

  23. I had no clue the water was so high, how tragic. Good on you for your helping hands.

    Melissa in Canada

  24. I feel so bad for all of them Prayers & Blessings~Kim

  25. what a inspiring post x the world needs people like you and your friends x what even just a smiling face can do to people and to know that someone out there is thinking of them x

  26. I am just heartbroken every time I read your posts. It is just so hard to imagine!
    I have left another donation and I want to thank-you so much for all you are doing. I live in Canada and it helps me to feel like I can contribute in some small way.

  27. God Bless all of you! No matter how big or small, all your efforts are worthwhile. Spreading joy and positivity is the best blessing of all. Best wishes, Tammy

  28. I can not imagine what you are going through ... Not much shown on TV here. But klicking in on your blog to get some flowers and sunshine diy as always - finding you rolled up your sleves working for your community. Impressed ... and out of words ... sending good thoughts

  29. Good Girls!

    Giving of yourselves for fun and for free, is really giving to yourselves even better.

    Cheers! a job well done.

  30. wow. you and your friend are angels. counting my blessings. thank you.., for what you are doing.

  31. Carol (from naturally Carol) has just been bragging about what you've been up to. I wanted to pop over and visit you and say a big thank you for so many that would have benefited from your kindness. Have a wonderful week. xx

  32. It has been a wild few days and lots more clean up ahead of us, the city still has a long way to go. Thanks for doing you bit to help.

  33. I know you girls realise that your helping others,but I think you bring more to these people than just food and drinks,,You bring them support,a smile,friendship and above all, hope,,You guys still ROCK!!

  34. That photo of the water line defies imagination--how could this possibly have happened? And yet, you are facing that devastation head on and proving that two women really can make a difference in the world. Great work, Simone.

  35. you are an angel in the storm simone!!!! one of a kind and magic. my heart goes out to you and all you are doing. the world needs to clone you!!! good luck. you are amazing.

  36. Excellent work Simone, I would be doing the same thing if I was in your shoes, well done. Feeding and caring for others, listening to their stories, all these things make a difference. We had a cake stall here in Daylesford and raised $1500 for Qld's, every little bit helps x

  37. Blessings counted and more prayers are on the way. Keep up the great work you are doing but take care of yourself too!


  38. Such a wonderful thing you girls are doing.. not just the food and water.. but emotional support and positivity of help at hand.. great stuff.. your girls rock!!! xxx Julie

  39. Hi Simone,
    I may not be an 'Aussie' but my thoughts and prayers are with the people who are affected by this. And you are doing an amazing thing!
    All the best, Maureen x

  40. Hi Simone,
    As we all follow your amazing updates I
    know that everyone that you meet are
    much happier after meeting you and
    getting a smile and a helping hand.
    Sent another donation today. Such a
    wonderful thing you are doing, getting
    involved and as your company name
    tells us shortened JUST PLAIN GO !!!!
    should be our moto for 2011.
    Best Wishes,
    tell everyone we are thinking of them all.

  41. Hi Simone,
    Just stopped by your blog to see how you and yours were faring. What a fantastic job you're doing, every caring thought and action can only spur on those affected to a brighter future.

  42. Bless you both for helping. Can't believe the water got so high! You're doing an amazing job and touching so many lives - go Beach Vintage!! :-)

  43. You guys are so inspiring! It is one thing to say "I wish I could help" but it is another thing to go through with it and truly make a difference. Thank goodness the world has people like you.


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