Monday, January 17, 2011


For two years now I have been blogging, and hopefully inspiring you.
Maybe I have given you an idea, or hope, maybe something that you can create, just for you.
This is a picture of my car this morning. I have decided to down tools. My friend Jody and I have purchased bottled water, energy bars and lunch treats. We have no idea where are are going, but we are driving around Brisbane, indefinitely, helping the thousands of volunteers and workers helping to rebuild our city after the floods. If you would like to help us I guarantee 100% of your donations will go towards food and water for these people. I will be taking photo's, daily, of my crusade. For those who donate and live in Brisbane/QLD /Australia you will go in the draw for a luncheon for 10 at my house, hosted by me, with all the frills [please put "aussie" after your comments today] . For those of you who don't. I love you and thank-you ! I won't forget you.
$5 buys 24 volunteers a bottle of water
$10 buys enough bread rolls for 2 dozen lunches
$20 buys 60 Muesli/Energy Bars
$50 buys over 200 vegemite sandwiches!

click on banner to donate


  1. Thank you for supporting those who are hard at work rebuilding your city. I have family in Brisbane & Ipswich and being in Melbourne I'm feeling a little useless. Hopefully my donation can help in a small way.

  2. Hi Simone, whow what a great idea. I have already donated but would love to donate some more. Count me in with $20 please. thanks Sandy (aussie)

  3. what a brilliant thing to do. It just looked so frightening, we often forget the power of nature.

  4. Have just left a small contribution.
    What a good thing to do :)

  5. Have just thrown a little in the pot (from my personal email account on Paypal). Hope it helps. Keep up the good work and we'll be praying for you all.

  6. May God richly bless you and your friend. The world needs more people like you both!

    We support Convoy of Hope who go into places of need.

    Sendin' many prayers you way as you touch the world in a special way.

    God bless and have a marvelous day!

  7. Hi Simone,
    I just donated $10.00
    Peta Jones (Aussie)

    p.s. you're doing an awesome thing!

  8. I have been out there helping families and it is hard yakka. The volunteers will love you!

    Pam x


  9. Oh good on you Simone. We live too far away to of any immediate help ( like knowing where exactly to go) but you are right in the thick of it. Water is going to be a high priority over the next few days and will we welcome with open arms.
    Donating was soooo easy and I hope my donation helps to buy lots of water and helps you to keep on carting all those great supplies around.
    Kiss Noises Linda (Aussie)

  10. I have a lot of friends from over there, over here and I would like to thank you on their and my behalf for all and anything you can do to help. We are thinking of you all at this time. You can not keep a good aussie down, take care and thank you. axxxxx

  11. You are such an inspiration! I hope you don't mind, I "borrowed" this photo and your words to post on my blog today to help spread the word of your relief efforts. I know all those volunteers will be most appreciative.

    Excellent idea! Kudos!

  12. Hello, Simone
    I follow your blog a few months ago and I love your posts; I'm solidary in the thoughts and prayers to the people of Brisbane.
    I'm from São Paulo in Brazil and here many cities were battered by summer rains, so I know how difficult this situation.
    I wish you good luck in the reopening of its store and the quick return to normal life in Australia.
    best rgds.

  13. Simone, I read about this on Rhonda's (Shell Belle's) blog, and I think what you're doing is wonderful. I am sending you a donation which I hope you will use toward water. Being from a hot climate (Florida), I know the importance of keeping hydrated when people are working like this. I commend your efforts on behalf of your community.

    Be blessed for the blessing you are to others...


    Sheila :-)

  14. Simone, this is such a kind and compassionate thing you are doing. I hope we bloggers from around the world respond.

    Many years ago, I helped with the recovery of a town in TX that had been devastated by tornadoes. It's hard to describe the feelings we had when a volunteer stopped at the house with cold water, sandwiches. and power bars. It touched our hearts...especially the victims who had lost so much. Thank you for doing this...
    Heartfelt Hugs to you...and all the bloggers who help others.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  15. Oh what a wonderful gesture Simone. Flood angels we call you! Brings me to tears. There are so many areas that haven't had the number of volunteers we have had here in West End. Rubbish is being collected here as I type.... but I drove through Yeronga and Graceville yesterday, they're doing it tough, not too many over their way to help out. A-M xx

  16. What a lovely idea to help out the volunteers helping others. Am off to visit your little paypal link...

  17. Hi Simone thats great what you are doing I will send a donation to you I am just blown away with the amount of people that are out there helping, as you know I was frantic the other day wondering what to do to help so joined the QLD flood Auction & have made something for people to bid on plus loads more bloggers I have the link on my side bar if you wanted to have a peek. Take care & I think its lovely what your doing I only wish I was still living in Brissy so I could help x

  18. forgot to put my aussie at the end sorry x

  19. Dear Simone...How absolutely wonderful what you & your friend ae doing..

    How inspirational..
    I have just donated $50.00 so I hope this helps a little..

    How awesome to win dinner cooked by you!!~~
    I would love to fly in from Melbourne if i was lucky enough!!~

    xx andrea australia (doh!)..

  20. Simone you have a lovely big heart, what a wonderful gesture opening your home to help others in need and taking the time to find the need where it is most required.


  21. Simone, just submitted my donation, hope it helps to give volunteers the sustenance they need to carry on. (aussie)

  22. I will link to this post and put your banner on my blog.

    Thank you for all that you are doing

    best wishes and stay safe

  23. Great idea! If we all do a little bit to help, then big things will be achieved. I've been baking biscuits and taking them to the volunteers and they've been very well received. Your bottled water etc will go down a treat to all the hard working people of Brisbane xx

  24. Hi Simone - great idea!!! I'm glad to hear your home was safe, thankfully mine was too.
    I'm donating funds to the Premiers Relief Fund also from the sale of the "Australian Flag Lanterns".
    Details are on my Lanternshop Blog. Maybe some of your readers might be interested.

    I'm so proud to be an Australian!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, Karen

  25. what you are doing is amazing... i wish i were there with you to help... i am not sure what exchange rate is but i think i did it right??? let me know... you are darling... xoxoxo

  26. Dear Simone,
    I've been under the weather & am just this evening learning about the flooding. So very glad you & yours are safe!

    In the aftermath of a disaster, help from big organizations is often slow to trickle down. (At least that's been our experience here.) The efforts of people like you & your friend are critical, especially in the first few days.

    Isn't it ironic that the thing needed most after flooding is water?

    Love to you for being so dear.
    Julia across the ocean

  27. What a dear you are....
    Many hugs~

  28. What a terrific idea!!!!! Well done, I've kicked in to help the cause. I'm in Melbourne, like many others too far away to do anything useful, & now you've given us the chance to feel like we're helping. cheers, Jan
    btw I only discovered your blog yesterday, lucky find. :-)

  29. I think I forgot to tell you that I have donated. Pam x

  30. Simone, you're an angel! It's easy for those of us not directly affected to keep giving in small doses and I have just given to your little crusade too. You know I'm an Aussie. x

  31. I have been following with a heavy heart for days now, thank you for creating a chance for us to make a small contribution to help. We lived through terrible earthquake in Turkey in 1999 and I remember all of us trying to help like you did at that time. It is strange how people of the world come together on bad times, wish it could happen always. Take care, I hope for a fast recovery.

  32. Wonderful Simone...I Wish I was there to help you.....xv

  33. What a fantastic idea...good luck to you all, Dee x

  34. Hi Simone, count me in. Money on it's way. You're doing a fantastic thing! xx

  35. Fantastic job Simone! The way everyone is pulling together in Brisbane is heartwarming. It makes me feel so proud to be a Queenslander! I particularly wanted to support you with a donation because it shows than individuals (like you) can make a difference!

    Proud to be an Aussie! X

  36. Hi Simone, I've only just started following your blog after finding you on one of my favourite American blogs (little pumpkin grace) and saw that you were local to me. Its so uplifting to see everyone doing what they can - thank you! Teresa (Aussie) xo

  37. Hi Simone..Have you thought of visiting as Digella has set up a similar scheme that has been running a few days now...just thinking that pooling knowledge and resources may be a good idea.

  38. Simone querida,
    Fica aqui nossa solidariedade do Brasil.
    Coragem e Força para enfrentar todos estes problemas.

  39. I am so sorry for what has happened over there. I made a very small donation but am bookmarking this site to donate again when I replenish my paypal account.

  40. That is just the best idea ever girls ! Have just donated $20.00 and am proud to do so ! Will also mention on my sidebar of blog (let me know if a problem but i will do so now) What a feel good blog. Mel xx ("aussie")..

  41. Thankyou for giving this opportunity to do more. I have already donated to the premiers flood but I am more than happy to donate to yours too.
    I only live on the Gold Coast & have been so frustrated that I havent been able to get to Brisbane yet (school holidays , no one to mind the kids) .But I have joined the volunteer list from next week , I will be up there. I read A-Ms comment about some areas not getting the help needed.
    Maybe we could all band together & head to one of those areas. I am available all day next week on Thursday if anyone is interested.
    Karyn x

  42. hi simone
    what a great idea of yours to help volunteers!keep up the great work. it must be heartbreaking to see the devastation. thinking of all those affected and the amazing volunteers!
    i just donated - paypal account in my daughter sophie's name.

  43. Forgot to add "Aussie" after my comments today.
    Karyn H

  44. Hi Simone,
    Happy to donate. Such a wonderful
    helpful idea from a wonderful person.
    So pleased that you have come up with
    such a practical cheerfull way to help.
    Thanks so much for involving all your
    friends at your blog.
    Hope to give again when I get my card
    <3 Sue

  45. Hi Simone,
    Forgot to write Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
    Best wishes, Sue

  46. What a wonderful idea! I have left a contribution via paypal.
    I have friends staying with me who are now homeless. They have been inundated with offers of help from people they don't even know. Street after street have been totally wiped out. I think we all need to keep remembering these people as it is going to be a long time before they are settled again.
    Jo x

  47. You are a rare and wild bird.

    It is your effort that makes the difference.

    Cheers! your rescue and rebuild success.

  48. Good on you!! I have just visited your paypal link, All the best, Karen (Aussie)

  49. Hi Simone,
    Such a fabulous idea.
    What amazing thing you are doing.
    I have just donated $50 into your paypal acct.
    Best wishes and take care.

  50. Wonderful idea. Helping others are very wonderful. I help by sharing this blog.

  51. You are doing a fabulous job, Simone! I just donated too, I hope it helps! I will do a post regarding this tonight on my blog! Much love to you! xxoo :)

  52. I Simone - I just sent you $20 for the floods via paypall - it might show as colin marshall - but it's me le at third on the right - you go girl :) le xox ps we are aussie :)


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