Monday, January 10, 2011

Twenty Eleven GO!

I am back from the beach abyss. I am excited about this year. I really am. I have decided to say "Twenty Eleven" instead of the alternative, which is a real mouthful. Hope everyone had a memorable Christmas and New Year. Love to hear what you got up to.
Here are some pictures of the days that passed too quickly over my break
[which was spent at Yamba in NSW].
Picking roses from my garden [in the rain....and it hasn't stopped].
My handmade tablecloth from a vintage curtain and other patchwork pieces.
Christmas Lunch on the deck, Beach Vintage style.
New fabrics arrive for my store in Brisbane.
Taking the kids to a local carnival at dusk.
ching ching....let's get started on your dreams for this year!


  1. Welcome back Simone! Havent been to the beach much this summer because of the RAIN :)So I have been sewing - just the weather for it! Pam x

  2. Happy New Year Simone. I started saying 20-11 too. Looking forward to following more of your creative adventures!

  3. Hi Simone,
    I believe Goodmorning for you and for me it's time to hit my bed. But I just found your blog, glad I did, and now I'm happy follower number 1985 (it sounds like a year...).
    All the best,

  4. Love it all... but the smiles in the last photo...well that is just.. a good life! Priceless!

  5. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful break - great. Welcome back. I like 20 eleven and will be adopting that as well!

  6. Welcome twenty eleven! I'm also very excited for this new year. lots of changes (which I will post soon). Also a Happy christmas and Happy New Year to you!. Glad to have come across your blog in twenty ten and looking forward to another year. how is the sale on your home going?

  7. I'm so glad you're back. I have some of that pink toile fabric, so I can't wait to see what you do with yours :-) Many blessings to you my friend!

  8. Hi Simone, welcome back! I love the first pic particularly...just a romantic summery shot. A little question for you...did you line the tablecloth or just overlock the raw edges? I made one a few months ago and lined is beautiful but quite heavy. Have a great year!

  9. Hi Simone,
    Happy 2011. Happy Creating and Happy
    Family time. Your photos are always so colourful and bright. I just love the
    bird wall ornament that I gave my step
    mother for Christmas. She has it on
    display proudly.
    I still have visitors from Darwin
    staying with me, so still busy.
    Planning my Daughters wedding for
    September. Helping family members
    move house. Coping with the loss of a
    loved family member the week before
    Christmas. Trying to catch up with dear friends and family over the break.
    Enjoying each others company.
    Finding amazing long lost treasures.
    That was my holiday BREAK! Did get
    away to the country to enjoy fresh air
    and less traffic.
    Love Sue

  10. Happy 2011 Simone. It's a good start to the year with my latest renovation project making the cover of Home Beautiful magazine. So I'm very excited! I'm going to put the photos this week, Amber

  11. beautiful photos, simone! happy twenty-eleven to you, too!


  12. Welcome home and Happy New Year to you!
    Sounds like you had a great time.
    You have rain and we are waiting on 5+ inches of snow here in the middle United States. :)


  13. Welcome back, Great pictures especially the last one...priceless...Looking forward to a wonderfully inspiring 2011. Have a great week!

  14. dear simone... hope you had a wonderful holiday and i love this post... it is soooo happy...

    wishing you peace, happiness and love this new year sweetie... xx

  15. welcome back and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us! Happy New Year and all the best success to you in 2011! :)

  16. Welcome home sweet friend...I missed you.

    Your colours are beautiful today ...xoxox

  17. Welcome to 20-11 too!!
    What a colourful start to the year for you.
    Yes! I'm a-lovin my sideboard :)
    Hope it was a Happy New Year for you and yours.
    Irene x

  18. Dear Simone, happy new year, i took your advice and started a Blog- you did say you would give me a few pointers which i must day i need. I popped into your store last week and you have a new fan, my girlfriend bought quite a bit of fabric. Cheers Stacey

  19. Happy New Year to you, Simone! Beautiful photos xx

  20. Happy New Year Simone! Looking forward to sharing in your lovely posts. ;-)

  21. What stunning images! Those fabrics are so pretty and what a precious photo of your girls. Thanks for dropping by my blog today :)

  22. Happy new Year Simone, i came into your store back in Dec and we chatted, you suggested starting my own blog, so i have thank you.... i may need some tips, oh nad have made a few things from the fabric i bought, its just plain gorgeous

  23. Yay, welcome back & Happy New Year Simone & family. My brother, his wife & 4 teens went to Yamba on holidays too, plus Noosa. Loving that mix of florals & bold colours, oh my, nice contrast to all the dreary rain. Love Posie

  24. Looking forward to 2011.
    Fabulous early christmas present on 2 December baby grand daughter Holly was born and a great start to the year for us with another new baby grand daughter Evie born on 1st january

  25. Que fofo seu blog..´pena que i don´t speak english..e não posso lê-lo..masss i love you blog. kisses

  26. Missed you! What splendid photos! Your house must be bursting with color :) Happy 2011 :)

  27. Welcome back, Simone. Love the bright florals. Glad to hear the AWW story went well for you! xx Catherine

  28. Oh, I'm so glad I found you again. I put myself down to follow. I had another blog a couple of years ago, and you were one of my favorites. I have a new blog now and I would love to reconnect!
    The colors in the fabrics are lovely!!!
    Hpoe all is well...come see me.

  29. Welcome back Simone! Looks like you had a gorgeous time! I can't get over those roses! Thank you for the great inspiration you provide year-round! Looking forward to a great twenty-eleven with you!

    xo Mary Jo

  30. Glad to see you back, Simone!! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! Cheers to 20-11!! May it be a wonderful year for all of us! xxoo :)

  31. 2011 should be bringing us all a softer, gentler, cozier year..."The Year of the Rabbit".


  32. Happy New Year Simone! Welcome home and thank you so much for coming by to say Hi! xo Samantha

  33. Really happy you're back ... Happy New Year to you.

  34. Hi Simmy!! I really hope and pray that everyone in beautiful Queensland is safe and that they will get to return to their homes very soon...and that the rain stops!!!
    Hey ballet buddy - I've gone back to ballet!! Don't laugh ok?? I've joined the Sydney Dance Company with my cousin Gabrielle who was also a ballet dancer. I read an article in a book that was given to me at Chrissy - to ask yourself "what makes you happy" in 2011! And ballet always made me happy, so having a crack at it again at the ripe age of 40! I still have that precious doll tutu that you gave me way back in oh, I think it was 1985! Have some piccies too which I would love to share with you. Love and hugs and looking forward to seeing you very soon, Natty xxx

  35. The fabrics are gorgeous. We were in Yamba a couple of years ago, on holiday, and loved it.

    Lisa x

  36. Hi Samone, I hope you are not being affected by the flooding, my thoughts are with all of you at this time:)

  37. Hi Simone, thinking of you and your gorgeous shop and keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well in the current flood crisis. Horrible times, please stay safe. xo

  38. Happy New Year Simone and welcome back
    I hope this year brings you much joy and happiness and hope you are not being affected by all the flooding up your way... xxx Julie

  39. Hi Simone I have just found your Blog thanks to Miss Jemima. Love reading all of your adventures. Take Care in twenty eleven from Miss Rose

  40. Hi Simone, New to Blogging found your Blog thanks to Miss Jemima. Have loved reading through your adventures. Hope you and your family had a relaxing Christmas from Miss Rose.

  41. Wowhhh, very nice, beautifull blog. I love the colors it reminds me of spring, its very cold in Holland now. Like to see more of you this year, it make's me happy. Wish you so much familylove and health for 2011.
    X Jolanda

  42. Are you going to be ok there in south Brisbane? Will the king tides affect you or the floods? Keep safe. (thanks for your concern for us too...we're fine)I'm sorry it's coming your way.

  43. Hi Simone its all so gorgeous! I couldnt find your e-mail address god knows where I have filed it, so had to send vie blog I hope you are all safe as I know you are off the Brisbane river sending my best to you & your family & hope you are all safe Elaine x

  44. It is so wonderful to see you back sweet Simone, I have missed you:) Wonderful to hear that you had a fabulous time at the beach! Wishing you and your beautiful family a 2011 filled with wonderful, wonderful times. Hugs as always, lovely ~ Txx

  45. Hi Simone, glad you are back but where did that time go? Hope the shops are Ok with the predicted floods to hit beautiful bulimba if we can help please ask. Thinking of you all, xxx Katherine

  46. Glad you're back. I've been waiting for new posts!

    I've had a relaxing Christmas. We've just been home, meeting family og by ourselves. Good!

    Now for 2011, we're having a baby in late June, so we're looking forward to that and ar e also a little excited... :) I'm planning to take care of myself until then and to be relaxed, happy and prepared for my new role as a mother.

    Hope you are fine! Sending you my best thought in this difficult time.

    Love, Solrosa

  47. Hi again Sim,

    Please let us know if you and your family are all ok? I know your house is very close to the water so want to make sure you are safe.
    Thinking of you and let us know what's happening.
    Love and hugs, Natty, Nada and Caroll xxx


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