Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Thrift Finds + More Flood Pics

The weekend thrift. There is nothing better. Reels of thread purchased simply for the colour. Vintage pillowcases and gorgeous pink cushion covers. How could I resist these beauties ? This is my escape!
Here is a shopping centre that Jody and I visited last week. Every shop had been destroyed. Some people have lost their entire businesses. But we were there with water and food and a smile. Our Brisbane flood efforts continue this week. Thank-you again for your donations.
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Hi Simone...cute little thrift finds...

    I find it just so hard to believe how high the water rose...just mind boggling...

    keep up the great work....

    xx andrea

  2. Hi simone it is so hard to believe the flood has been so devastating to homes and businesses
    Iwas very fortunate and was not greatley affected but mentaly i think it does affect all of us
    Love your site and your shop Beverley.

  3. loving those vintage pillowcases....sigh.

    saing lots of prayers for those affected by the flooding!

    xoxo {av}

  4. Wow... the devastation is unbelievable. My prayers and good wishes for your country ♥

  5. You my friend are amazing! xoxox

  6. Hi Simone,
    Wishing you a great week. Thanks for
    reporting more about the flood relief
    you are helping with. We are all
    thinking of the job ahead that many
    face. Rebuilding lives.
    I had a bit of a thrift day on friday.
    Some to keep too;) Some I could not part
    with. It was fun finding treasures.
    Sue xOxOx

  7. The colours of those thread are so vibrant, love all your thrifted finds.
    I can only imagine how overwhelming it has been to see the destruction of the flood in person, it's been bad enough watching it on tv
    Happy Monday Simone

  8. Gorgeous finds, and keep up the good work Simone you are very special x

  9. That high water line will be burned in your memory forever. My goodness, you were so lucky.

  10. Oh my goodness...I can't believe the water was that high!!! So very sad.

    On a different note...I do love your thread finds!! So cute!

  11. I just found your blog for the first time, what an awesome job you guys are doing in the community. That is our local shopping village in those pictures, and the fish & chip shop we always go to (went to). It has made such a mess of our beloved city, what you are doing will be lifting spirits of these people so much. Keep up the good work!

  12. You're doing great work there Simone! Lovely thrifting too. By the way I have an apron to give away this week if you're interested.

  13. You found some lovely distractions on your thrifting adventures! It's hard to believe the water came so high, wow. I was so inspired to read your previous posts about helping those affected by the floods, well done x

  14. Good on you Simone - you are making a difference out there!

    I have exactly the same vintage pillowslip - great minds huh?

    Have a great week. Pam x

  15. Well done Simone, your such a gem helping out the locals!! And those thrift finds are just lovely. Have a great week. Liz

  16. I'm not mad on pink but I have fallen in love with that pink cushion!
    As far as that water level goes, I find it so hard to fathom unless it was there right before my eyes. Unbelievable. Good on you for helping out so many people.
    Megs :)

  17. Simone...your kindness and generosity of time and energy is just awesome!! You are a treasure!! xOxO

  18. So wonderful that you are able to give back in a time of need. Much to be grateful for when you see the devastation that others have faced. Sending peace and blessings to one and all. Tammy

  19. Love your thrift finds and your extremely kind heart! Have a wonderful week, Simone! xxoo :)

  20. Lovely finds, and just what you need right now i think. Goodness that arrow makes you realise just how bad it was, keep smiling your an angel. dee x

  21. Hi Simone; really pink cushion cover is very nice.I like it.I'm following your blog,bye Brisbane:))

  22. My gosh you just cannot believe how high it got how sad :(

  23. Wow. I can't imagine. So awful. Especially those businesses that make things. Wow.

  24. Yes. They're tin boxes. You can find them here:

    Hope you're fine!

    Love, Sol

  25. Hi! What fun finds! I Love the pillowcase. It is amazing. Continue to think about you and all your friends and family. xo Samantha

  26. wow - I can't believe how high the water got! how devastating.
    On a more cheerful note, I love your thrifting finds and your big heart. xo

  27. What scrummy treasures you have found! There is nothing like a bit of thrifting to lift the spirits! I had a very average day and stopped by my local (salvos) on the way home..... and was rewarded with a gorgeous rose English china tea cup set... needless to say I felt uplifted!!

    Your great work in the the flood effected parts of our community continues to inspire me. We are working on supplying book pack items to effected schools outside of Brisbane at our school. It is going to be such a long road to recovery for some people.... which is why your continued support for those effected so wonderful! X

  28. I am thinking of you all especially with the new threat of yet more floods we've been hearing about.
    Please take care and look after yourself too.

    Sandie xx

  29. that is unbelievable simone!
    as a fellow buisness owner your heart must break for these poor was just luck really!

    i sent my goodies off to qld yesterday but realise that there's a long way to go at that end....

    glad you found some lovely vintage bits to help you smile!
    melissa xx

  30. I just had to drop in and see how you and your relief efforts are going.

    I see you're still bringing smiles to those who lost so much and finding time to have some normalcy in your life, that is so important throughout this process.

    You are an inspiration and a dear, sweet soul.


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