Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Day: Sea Quote

Lately I have seen lots of beautiful quotation artworks in embroidery hoops.....but most of the words are embroidered! I am hopeless at this as it takes so long and I just get tired. Here is my little version. I saw this quote last week and just loved it. It needed to go on my wall.
  • Grab an embroidery hoop [ I usually pick these up second hand for a dollar or so].
  • Insert a vintage doiley and trim to size.
  • Grab some embroidery thread, or like me, take apart a thick decorative ribbon.
  • Set your words up using the thread, twist to form, on top of the doiley.
  • Attach each letter with glue, a glue gun works best.
Hang on wall and admire and inspire yourself everyday!
Have a great weekend, it's a long weekend [ again] for us here in QLD.
See you next week.
Simone xx


  1. Funny! I will think of you 'seasing' the day out there in your kayak whenever you can!

  2. The thread gives it that beachy look...very clever. I love the quote too. So charming! Jacqueline xx

  3. This is such a great idea! Love the look. I'll need to try it out myself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very cute! Have a happy weekend! Tracey xx

  5. i love it and also the other one you had made with the fabric and lace one ,so creative!

  6. I don't follow any certain stitches when I try to embroider. Sewing by hand to me is so tedious and I have little patience for it. So I make running stitches any which way I can and call it rustic. :) Your project turned out great. Enjoy the long weekend. Tammy

  7. very clever, happy royal wedding day!

  8. Sooo clever and creative! Love it!

  9. Seas the day indeed!! Cute project, Simone! Happy weekend to you and yours! xxoo :)

  10. Very clever Simone and the quote is fun!

  11. Hi Simone, How quick has this week gone?! Thanks for sharing the framed quotes, I love quotes! That was a fast fun way to make something so special. Makes me wish I was closer to the sea, tomorrow we are heading that way. I will enjoy the sea breeze I miss.
    Have the best weekend, Sue

  12. I can't wait to try this project out. HOW CUTE!

  13. What a simple way to get that embroidered effect! I love that quote too, but the possibilities are endless! Great project, Simone!

  14. Cute idea!!
    Have a great long weekend!


  15. Ah, this is perfection! Like you, I'm not much of an embroider-ess, so this is perfect! Love!

    xo Mary Jo

  16. hmmm... crochet pieces as the backing fabric. love it!


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