Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Day: Spring Frilly

La ee dah. Just because it's spring. I decided to cut up a vintage tea towel (eekk) and make this gorgeous cushion cover. So simple peoples. No zips or buttons (you know me). It's called a pillow cushion cover. The insert just slips in the back. This is what you do:
  • Firstly decide what size pillow you want ( I used a 45cm square insert)
  • Cut the main/front piece of fabric 2.5cm bigger than the pillow form ( so 55cm square)
  • Cut the 2nd/back piece of fabric ( I choose black polka dot fabric ) 15cm longer than the first.
  • Cut this long piece in half
  • Press edges on these pieces and hem
  • Measure your trim (optional) to cover the entire outside of the cover.
  • Attach trim with a long stitch to hold in place
  • Place all the pretty bits ( right sides of fabric together) together and sew.
Guess what, you can grab some of this 100% cotton frilly trim for only $2.25/m. While stocks last. We have 4 colours. Just click on picture below and email with your codes and quantities and an invoice will be sent to you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
I am dressed in this

And on my way to pick up this
and going to lunch with a friend!
Simone xx


  1. Oohlala how wonderful. Love that floral print!

  2. it!! such cute fabric.

  3. Simone

    a beautiful post - thank you for brightening up my screen today in the office.

    Gorgeous clear how too as well.

    I love that car! Hope you wear the horn rimmed glasses too with the vintage red lippy

    have a great weekend


  4. What a lovely pillow.
    I love the contrast.
    I never would have put them together but they look amazing together.

    BTW Great outfit! Have fun! :)

  5. What a great pillow!
    Love the trim.

    Have a super weekend.


  6. I am in love with that cushion x

  7. What fun....I need to get out my sewing machine...been so busy baking lately...hugs to you and hope your lunch was amazing. xoxoxoxo

  8. Your pillow turned out great! :)

  9. Gorgeous cushion Simone...enjoy your lunch :)

  10. How cute! I really must take some of your crafty tutorials and freshen up my place. Jane x

  11. Nothing says happy days like gingham...this project makes me smile.

  12. That pillow is SO cute! The prints you chose were awesome.

  13. I absolutely love how your pillow turned out. Great combination of fabrics. Have a great weekend and stop by and say hi too!


  14. love it & the frilly trim is so cute oohh I am being tempted hee have a lovely lunch Simone I am waiting for the in-laws to arrive they are staying with us for 5 weeks so fun times a head :))) x

  15. So easy even I might be able to do it!

  16. I used your patchwork closet door as inspiration in my own house in redoing my pantry door. You can see it here if you like
    I'm jealous of your car. Is it heavy to drive?

  17. Love the pillow (I had to check my calendar, lol). Your outfit is totally awesome and that car well what can be said about that car. My dad had one of those once, lol... You are a hoot!!!

  18. Love that trim and it was worth cutting up your vintage tea towel, it looks very happy and perfectly you.
    Kiss Noises Linda ( off to order some trim now too...yipee..gotta love playing with fabric)
    Kiss Noises Linda

  19. Simone.. it must be a cold spring there because you are just too COOL! : )
    I love the pillow, Gorgeous.
    ..and the car, love it too!

  20. I love that pillow--you have such a great eye for combining prints!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. Ellie is just gorgeous and I am gald you are getting to drive her. Love the frilly too!

  22. Lovely cushion Simone, and I am all for no zips and buttons.


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