Monday, November 28, 2011

Advice for Monday

Over the weekend it became apparent that "this" time of year has crept up and bit us once again. People seem to be walking a little faster. Kids are excited as they finish their last few days of school. The days are getting warmer and lasting longer. All this can sometimes lead us to feel a little tense. Short term remedy? Cut some blooms and light a candle. Doesn't take long. Looks fabulous. Feels lovely. Here is the result!
Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday!!! I wish our days were getting longer

  2. What sweet looking flowers and the pink birdie is so sweet!
    Your oil cloth is wonderful...wish we could get those snazzy prints!
    Also looking forward to more updates on your home...stunning!

  3. How lovely! It's the little things that bring a smile. X

  4. great advice! of course some of what you are saying is the opposite for me here in the US. shorter days colder air but definitely things are a little busier. Just lit my candle and I'm relaxing before our monday starts.

  5. Great advice, I'm loving the idea !!! Yes it gets a little like that this time of year, I love Christmas time it's my fav time of year but it does tend to make me a bit tense.

  6. Good Morning from Ireland
    So envious when you mention weather is getting warmer but so true we do get over the top at this time of year, we need to enjoy it all more

    Take care


  7. Thanks for the wise words Simone. I have been following your inspiring blog for just over a year now
    & actually spotted you dining in Oxford St today & said my husband, "See that lady, I love her blog & home!"- I wanted to say hi & tell you I love your style, (& you looked so gorgeous & summery).. but was shy & didn't want to bother you, so I decided to leave you a comment here instead.
    Hope you had a lovely day,

  8. Nice words, I'll have to come very soon to visit all your new fabric, when i'm back from Melbourne! x

  9. Hugs to you dear one. xoxo Enjoy


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