Friday, November 25, 2011

Project Day: Inspiration Oilcloth

Do you know what oilcloth is? Many people don't. We get emails all the time asking what is this stuff ? So here is a brief description and some ideas we have sourced from from inspirational people.

What is oilcloth? Basically oilcloth is a vinyl that is supported with a woven cotton mesh underneath it. The pattern is on the top. It is made up of 91% PVC 6% polyester and 3% cotton. Oilcloth will not fray! Make a tablecloth in minutes using decorative scissors like pinking shears.
Sewing with oilcloth? use a denim needle or a size 16 if you have one. Best to sew on the cotton (underneath) side if you can. There are so many things you can make with this fabric. I have included some examples here today. Anything from kids bibs and aprons to lunch bags and recovering chairs.

Do you know we have the largest range of oilcloth online in Australia?
And only $14.50/m....wait.....oh that's right we are taking 20% off all oilcloth until 2.12.11.
Use code: oil20 at checkout
So get sewing and have a great weekend.
Simone & Jody

Green floral chairs HERE and buy this fabric here
Kids on chairs found HERE
Lunch bag HERE and buy this fabric here
Table in polka dots HERE and buy this fabric here
Kids Aprons HERE


  1. Oh i love this, you know i'm a massive fan & most of my children have your oil cloth on their desks. Fantastic projects & yes, easy to sew with - use a Teflon foot on your machine & sew like butter. Love Posie

  2. the more i see your oilcloth, the more i think I need some! Jx

  3. But it's just too hard to pick which oilcloth I want!!!!

  4. So many clever ideas for it's use!! must check out your stock.

    Have a great weekend Simone.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. Hi Simone!!!
    What a wonderful colorful!! That polkadot table is fantastic!! Happy weekend, kisses, Ana

  6. love love love the green chair - how fab - well done again girlies :) best le xox

  7. What gorgeous colors - SO beautiful!

  8. My grandma used to have oilcloth all the time in her kitchen...Great memories! I going to check the online stores...great idea.
    Fab blog!

  9. Looks fabulous girls love it. clours are fantastic and great when you have little kids!!! Have a great week Sim x

  10. Nice and beautiful table tops also good for keeping the trash away when needs to be cleaned...good to have the children help i daily work sometimes.

  11. Oh my goodness such a joy...another happy follower x

  12. absolutely beautiful oil cloth pictures!

  13. oilcloth reminds me of my grandma.....such happy memories!! Loving the pics you have shared....makes me want to cover everything in oilcloth!!

  14. I always Guso rubber, my grandmother and my mother used it much in the kitchen, new ideas I look fantastic. regards

  15. Gorgeous oil cloth. I love that lunch bag. Amy x

  16. Such fun photos! Although I have used oilcloth I actually did not know how it was made. Thanks for the lesson.


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