Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh No the dreaded detox

I am not sure about you but we had the most wonderful indulgent christmas full of food, fun, family, friends and lots of bubbles. Now the new year is here oh dear and I guess its time to detox, last night in my house we had a very healthy boring and miserable dinner of chicken salad yet we were both dreaming of pasta and beautiful fresh hot bread loaded with butter. Its a dreary day here and the rain is bucketing down today so I am really dreaming of pasta now, hope its not dreary where you are! Don't forget our mega weekend store sale ends tomorrow! Happy Monday Jody x


  1. has to be done :) good luck le

  2. Oh dear...tell me about it my friend...hugs.

  3. I feel your pain. we started the liver cleansing diet today for the next 8 weeks. ah no more sav blanc for 8 whole weeks, and oh to say goodbye to brie.......... lol Stacey


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