Monday, January 30, 2012

Cushion Mountain + New You Tube Video

New Cushions arrived today for our special photo shoot on Wednesday. More info to follow. Don't forget you can create your own cushions in our webstore. Just select any home decor or outdoor fabric and choose your cushion size and add to your cart!
Also this week we have made a short You Tube video about our fabric studio.
Take a look at how and where we work!
Happy Monday.


  1. Ooh!! I love the fabrics you girls have got, especially the pink zebra and yellow chevron. The cushions look great : )

  2. Love the colours! Can't wait to hear about the photo shoot. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. Beautiful!! I need to sew up the rest of mine with the fabric I bought from you!

  4. love your cushions!!
    have a great week,

  5. what beautiful fabrics! I adore what you did in your previous posts with the cuboard doors, think I will enjoy your bog a lot! xxx

  6. Simone, had no idea you had a YouTube channel. I just launched one for Style Maniac. Finding it a bit frustrating to figure out at the moment, but I guess there is a learning curve for everything! Off to view your video ....


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