Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Lunch & Decorating Forum

Had lunch with some friends yesterday. What else would you serve for a seaside lunch on a beautiful summer Sunday? Lot's of fresh Australian Seafood and salad that's what!
Of course I set the table with some Mexican Oilcloth in Mums Pink, (love this stuff as it doesn't fray! Just cut and go) and lot's of champagne.

This week Beach Vintage is being featured on The Decorating Forum.
Great place to chat, learn and get inspired about all things interior. They also have some great recipes and meal planning ideas. Love that.
Will post the direct link Wednesday.

Happy Monday.


  1. Hi Simone and Jodie! I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I was to have come across your blog and your fabulous online store! I'm new to Australia so I'm glad to find an online store to buy these great fabrics-I am just trying to figure out which ones to order, so expect an order from me soon! Great idea with the scarf by the way, it looks fab! That's what I love about white couches! Anyway, thanks for the great inspiration, I'll be following your blog from now on!


  2. What a simple but stunning looking lunch Simone. I love Mexican Oilcloth - so pretty and practical too. We are excited to be featuring your gorgeous blog on the Decorating Forum today.

  3. Oh that looks so inviting Simone... The perfect lunch. Can almost taste those oysters. How awesome doe it all look on that Oilcloth?!!! Pruxxxxxxxxx (lots of kisses as always).

  4. Oh my what a lovely lunch my friend...bring on the Summer...still gloomy and wet here.
    Sending you oooodles of love for a blissful Valentines. xoxo

  5. Love that plater yummy & the oil cloth I must get my act together & order some my list is here waiting to send to you.

    Ohh the decorating forum thats great girls will go take a look have a fab Valentines crack open the bubbly I know you will :) x


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