Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Made Weekend

The weekend is over but I can't stop thinking about the wonderful home made bread we made on Saturday morning. We got a bread machine recently and now we are hooked. Whipped up some bacon & eggs to go with it.
Just beautiful.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
Happy Monday.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend, have a beautiful week xx

  2. Mmm homemade bread sounds SO good right now:) Yummmmmm. Miss your blog, I have been so MIA but I hope you are doing well my darling!

  3. Nothng like homemade bread Simone. Yuuuumm!!

  4. We have had a bread maker for over 12 years and never tire of it. My husband loves making bread and he hates to cook. The smell in the house is wonderful and homey. Just received a pizza stone and now he is making pizza and making the dough in the bread maker, really yummy!

  5. Must have been a delight, I also have a bread machine and I love to wake up every morning with the smell of bread baking.

  6. Pure JOY! I need to get one of those machines. Enjoy your week my friend. xoxoxo

  7. we've been hooked for years :-) ... nothing better to wake up in the morning to home made bread cut extra thick for toast! ... try the LAUCKE bread mix brand ... it is the BEST !

  8. I always prefer homemade food...i would like to try this amazing dish at my home :)


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