Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Day: Oilcloth Scales

I have a love hate relationship with my scales (unless they are measuring sugar for cupcake recipes). I thought I would jazz up mine this week to try and take a positive spin on the dreaded thing.
  • My scales are from Ikea.
  • Grab some oilcloth fabric ( I used Paradise Pink from HERE).
  • Turn the scales upside down and lie on the wrong side of fabric.
  • Trace around your scales to replicate the shape.
  • Cut it out.
  • Put it on top of the scales (right side facing down) and mark where the window is (do we really need to see it?).
  • Cut the space for the window & make any small adjustments around all sides so the piece of fabric sits nicely on top.
  • Use a generous amount of craft glue on the top surface of the scales. Smooth around with fingers (messy I know but the best way).
  • Stick your fabric piece on top & leave a few hours to dry!
Lets celebrate!
We received a HUGE shipment of oilcloth yesterday & now stock over 100 different styles.
Take your pick from vintage florals, stripes or modern prints.
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Simone & Jody.


  1. Wow! Those turned out so darn cute! Wish I had thought of it before I went out and spent the bucks on a glass one. Great idea. Hmmmmmmm now you have me wondering what else I could do that on.

  2. cute idea! you have some great designs and colours there!

  3. Hi, the scales look great. I should try that with mine. Yesterday I posted about your Tres Chic fabric on my blog - the post is called Three Sisters. I am making a dress in Tres Chic and am very pleased so far.
    New oilcloth looks fab! Take care xx

  4. This is such a simple & effective idea.
    That's all I'm capable of!!!
    I could try this on a few things around my've got me thinking! Just what I need, another project ;o)
    Tania Maree xx

  5. Just Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Fantastic! Gotta love a bit of oilcloth. Xxxx

  7. Ficou linda! Adorei.


    Simone Bitar

  8. oilcloth... wish i know where i can get one in my side of the world :)

  9. Oh my how clever...I tend to stay away from those scales...but soooo love this idea....I just may have to buy one now. xoxo

  10. oh wow! Love it. Must cover our scales now. :-)

  11. oh, all so pretty! that scale covering idea is brilliant. makes stepping up a little less intimidating ;) have a super weekend!

  12. You have got to be kidding me! This is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! I just bought a dull scale this week and you have inspired me to pretty it up!!! I'm a new follower!!!!

  13. You have go to be kidding me! I JUST bought a scale this week and it's way too dull!! You've inspired me to Pretty-It-Up!!! Thank you so much! I'm your newest fan!!!

  14. love the scales, I will have to pop over and visit since you are having a sale. Love reading your blog. Lisa

  15. This is a real winner - might even inspire me to use the scales....

  16. These are fabulous I heart oilcloth!! I love that everybit of the fabric can be used makes it such a good purchase!

  17. SO cute!

    Question Simone, are you on Pinterest?


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