Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Monday

Its a very rainy stay in bed sort of day here at the beach today and I am working from home which is fabulous! I really should be in bed reading a book but I have so far rearranged my bookshelves tidied the house had a morning coffee and am thinking about making seafood chowder for lunch.
Hope you have a great day wherever you are Happy Monday x x
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  1. YUM!, I recognized bits of lobster there! LOL Reading and having chowder is sheer heaven... its still Sunday here (as I post this) :-)

  2. sounds like a nice way to spend the day! enjoy :)
    Kate x

  3. It's good to sit back and relaxing to read a book, but if we do not organize our stuff, we can not relax, is not??

  4. Amo Vintage e Amei seu blog! É lindo!
    Estarei sempre visitando.

  5. Oh, I love the squishy cosy looks so comfy......we are expecting a fair bit of rain here too so I might be doing the exact same things......lots of cooking and watching movies.
    I would love to rearrange my bookshelves too but it's such a huge job ;o)
    have a great week!
    Tania @ Scandi Coast Home

  6. I envy you. Your blogs always represent such peace and calm. I am so happy for you that your life is filled with such joy while you are living out your dreams.

  7. Happy Monday dear ones. xoxoxo

  8. Ohh what a nice Monday. I had a 8 heavy duty hour cleaning of a sick relative's apartment then 6 hours at the laundrymat doing his laundry. Between that and finding time to go to college classes and visit him at the hospital, I had no time to eat or even breath,. I long for a MOnday like you had! Here it was 79 and beauitful so if I was not so overwhelmed I would have been outside enjoying the beauty of spring. Oh to have time to enjoy life again.

  9. Thats soup looks nice funny as I made a mushroom soup on Monday & took some picks to do a post on it hee.

    Have a great week girls :)


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