Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help Identifying Plant !

Couldn't help but snap this shot this morning. The yellow caught my eye. I have no idea what plant that is outside in my backyard but it's stunning.
 Does anyone know what it is?? 
It's perfectly matched to my darling Cockatoo Cushion Covers.
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Hope you are all having a great week.


  1. Its too far away to tell.. I'd take a bloom w/a leaf to your nursery, they'd be able to identify it.

  2. Hmm the plant looks like the same thing sprung up over my back fence a few weeks ago. I thought, "how pretty." I have since found out it is indeed a weed, by asking everyone who's around when I spot one out and about. If you look all over the place you'll see it. No idea what it's called though.

  3. I do not know what the plant is but the photo is wonderful! :)

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  4. Hi, Your yellow-flowering tree looks like 'Cassia brewsteri' also known as Leichhardt Bean. We have a lovely one that overhangs our fence that looks spectacular when in flower & attracts many different types of bees. The mass of yellow flowers always make me smile!
    I'm loving the cockatoo cushions too.

  5. It looks familiar but I need a close up...
    Tania @ Scandi.Coast.Home.

  6. erm at that distance it could be anything, lol! Got a close up shot?

  7. I could be wrong, but it looks like a Cassia tree, or Senna pendula. It's really pretty, but a noxious weed in our part of the world. You can see it everywhere in the bush where it's escaped.

  8. I can't make out much detail, but it looks, at a distance, like Lantana. Here's a link to what Lantana looks like

  9. Hi Simone
    I'm wondering whether it might be Easter Cassia?
    Here is the link to the DPI site:


  10. Looks like acacia. Bit hard to see in the photo, google acacia. See what images come up.

  11. Unfortunately I am no expert gardener so have no idea what the plant is but I want one in my garden so that I could look at it whilst looking out of the window doing the dishes! What an exciting life I lead ha!

  12. It is a bit hard to tell but could be a cassia - does it smell revolting?

  13. I love the fresh pretty checks and the nautical stripes!

  14. Oh hi. I'll weigh in ....& say I think it may be cassia.Love your fabric, btw.

  15. Pretty finds and I like it. That fabric was really incredible and looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

    Charles A


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