Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Day: Pom Pom Tablecloth

As promised here are the step by step photo's of the Pom Pom tablecloth I made for Mother's Day last weekend. Such an easy project.
No words required really. I just pressed a hem, sewed all round and added the trim last. Tip: Mix colours! Be bold!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Simone xx 


  1. You're so clever. Really. I need fabric. Can I come see you sometime? A-M xx

  2. Just read your post and loved it because...
    I also have a husband that says "Excuse me Hon," like last week when he had promised organza drapes & paper pom poms to a wedding client (where he was installing fairy lights). And Mothers Day, well there was no gift (I don't really expect one any more) but he had made breakfast in bed. Only problem was I wasn't that hungry due to the two bottles of champagne he had given me the night before. Oh, Bless 'em!

  3. Love pompoms.Bet the table looked fabulous. Fiona


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