Monday, June 18, 2012

~ Proud ~

Here's my daughter singing in her annual school choir gala dinner.
Promised myself not to get upset but so proud of her. Yep, a little tear.
Can you tell which one she is?
She is the one with her mouth wide open, one front tooth missing and her collar not ironed down properly.
Good on you mum!
Thank goodness the little girl in front also had the same dilemma!
Now I don't feel so bad.
Happy Monday.
Simone xx


  1. aww, here I thought it was the first girl w/the impish smile!.... I can imagine the feeling u had in your heart when u saw her on stage! ((HUGS))

  2. Oh she is gorgeous! What a great photo! Thanks for sharing you proud mummy you! Kiss Noises Linda

  3. Awww...bless! My little one can't wait until she can join the choir next year.

  4. Very cute! She looks adorable.


  5. So sweet all those happy faces!

  6. Beautiful. My own daughter just sang in her school choir of the first time ever and I too shed a tear for my little girl growing up - but proud as punch! x

  7. Gorgeous!! I still tear up at every opportunity when one of my children is on stage or running a race, fills you with such pride & joy. The year 1-2 school photos are always crackers with teeth missing, like the whole class of gappy jaws. Love Posie


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