Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hamptons Dreaming

Life is very full on for me at the moment with lots and lots of things happening in my life, anyway today I have so much to do and organise, my list is a mile long and I really don't want to do any of it.....

I would love to go on a holiday to the Hamptons one day. I am jealous if anyone has been I am sure its as fabulous as the gorgeous pictures look. Oh well one day I will get there.

Hope you are having a great week these picture made me smile as I peered out from under the pile of paperwork.
If only I was drinking champagne somewhere fabulous I am sure someone is !
Jody x 


  1. Hi Jody, the Hamptons is a beautiful place, we get so much inspiration from this style. I was so excited to receive my parcel of fabric from you last week, or was that the week before, I have already started using it. Have a lovely week.x

  2. I've always dreamed of it as well. I imagine a summer Hampton lawn party in all its glory would be fabulous.

  3. Yes thank goodness we can dream when life gets busy. It makes the time go faster and easier. xx

  4. We have been housebound for 2 weeks with the flu, still dragging on as it takes us down one by one.
    Would kill to be lying by that pool with a bottle of Moet right now.

  5. Just back from the Hamptons, but I have to tell you the place I know is different from what you see in magazines. Low key, not at all fancy, gorgeous uncrowded beaches. Hmmm, I need to go back now!

  6. The Hamptons is a beautful place, lots of little quaint towns that make up this wonderful summer oasis and every town has a similar but different vibe. I feel really lucky to have grown up here and gotten to experience it. If you ever want more info for a vaca let me know. YOu have a beautiful blog & I have you on my list:)
    Have a wonderful night,


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