Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An indecisive Libran

WOO HOO at long last I am finally moving into my new house! 
Now to decide on the cushions. And deciding is a big problem. Yes I know it sounds silly and there are much more important things in the world than my cushions and I am fully aware of that but here are some pictures of me trying to figure out the cushions I am going to have made. 
I really needed Simone to help me as my Libran indecision was not good today, although two Librans together could be worse I suppose.... 

Stay tuned for house pictures coming soon, and I will sneak in some cushion shots I promise
Have a great Wednesday. Jody x x x 


  1. How about one of each of from those pretty fabrics? I'm a chronically indecisive Libran as well. It's not easy :)

  2. look forward to the new house pictures. i fully understand your indecision. i'm a libra too!

  3. So many to choose from I think is the main problem ha. I'm sure your choices will be fab. Congratulations on the new move and all the other wonderful new things and happenings, so exciting!! You will remember this time forever so make sure to take time and enjoy it. xxxx Katherine

  4. with all those lovely fabrics on hand I know I would find it hard to decide too!

  5. Have fun deciding! Exciting times ahead! X

  6. I am sure it was hard to choose from so many lovely fabrics. Looking forward to your house tour.

  7. I´m a portuguese bloger, I like your blog...
    I love all....


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