Monday, July 16, 2012

~ Introducing Missy ~

Yes our lives were going along quite nicely in the "dog" department.
 We only have one furry family member left and he is 15 years old , so my husband and I were looking toward some "dog free" time. Maybe just a few years?
Funny how fate comes along and changes your plans.
Due to requests, here is a photo of our newset family member "Missy".
She is a 12 month old Labrador.
A neighbour across the street no longer wanted her as she was "too much".
 "Did we want her"?
I swear no matter where I go, what I do - troubled animals always head my way.
There goes another 12 years!
Happy Monday.
Simone. xx
Note: Every year thousands of pets become "unwanted". With dogs it is usually around 12 months of age when they have outgrown their puppy stage and are no longer considered "cute" by some.
I urge everyone to consider the commitment it takes to raise a pet for life.


  1. How lucky is that sweet girl? I can see why you said yes.

  2. You are exactly like my daughter! A good thing.
    I simply cannot even imagine such irresponsibility of your neighbor. Of course, you took "Missy" and now she will have a long and happy life with your family. Big props to you, Simone. Huge !! xx's Marsha

  3. That's so wonderful Simone! Missy will no doubt give your 15 year old a new lease on life. It drives me batty how people can just get rid of pets. Missy was lucky she found you xx

  4. Fate knew that Missy needed a good home and found you. Lucky for her. I'm always amazed how some people think animals can be so disposable. As a mom of two labs I am partial to that breed. They are so devoted and loving. Yet a little mischievous when you least expect it. I'm still finding feathers in my house from a pillow that last month my little one thought was one of her "toys".

  5. How could anyone NOT adopt that cutie!. :-)

  6. Congratulations! Your neighbor is missing out. A few more months and she'll be the best dog in the world. Labs just take some time. She looks just like a friend of mine's dog. Who is the sweetest girl in the world.

  7. Missy is darling...
    We have three here the oldest is 16. All are from rescue groups. I wish more would visit shelters to adopt a companion.

  8. Glad that you adopted the puppy. So sad when people don't think pets are forever. I am sure you will sppoin her rotten.

  9. She is beautiful!...i'm sure you will love her for a long time!

  10. The world would be a HORRID place without people like you in it.
    I don't have room in my life for anyone who is not kind to animals.
    Beauty inside & out ladies.

  11. awww Missy is so lucky to have found your home. What a sad thing for your neighbour our fur kid has brought us much joy x

  12. She's gorgeous! It sounds like she has gone to a wonderful home. Lisa xo

  13. She's very cute and I'm sure Charlie adores her, they will be great mates.xx

  14. Oh I know what you mean!! Just see my last blog entry! We are always coming across animals that need help. The weirdest one would have to have been a duck who had wandered a few kms away from his home. I mean, a duck?! We found his family though. Good on you for taking on another dog. Trust me, you wont regret it! Big hugs to your new fur baby!

  15. Who could have possibly said no? Look at that beautiful face!
    I understand the desire to have a little dog free time, we lost our sweet Jake 2 years ago and waited 1 1/2 years before we rescued another dog. Now, we are so over the moon with her, I'm sorry I waited so long :)

  16. Congratulations! What a sweet girl. Of course you will be kept fit and trim now because Missy will love you so much, she will make sure of it. She knows you need a couple of good half hour walks everyday, and you need to play a few times a day. And of course she knows you need the loving companionship that only she could bring to your life now. Lucky she found you!
    Our white lab-mix is the best! And I know Missy is as well. You can see it in her eyes. :)

  17. Look at that sweet face! Animals have that wonderful intuition, so you must just be an amazing person!

  18. We adopted a black labrador this week from the guide dog association! Your puppy is gorgeous, and is lucky to have you as her new mummy :)

  19. She is could you not take are such a blessing my friend. xoxo

  20. I/we currently have three rescue felines..
    cannot imagine life without them..
    Their unconditional devotion, quirkiness, entertainment..and more redeeming qualities add so much spice and hilaritity..not to mention..LOVE to our lives..
    they may have been "disposable and unwanted" to their previous owners..
    but they definitely became keepers at this theier final and forever home!
    purrs too x3..

  21. How could you possibly have said no...she is precious!! We seem to have the same issue at our house...

  22. Bless your heart! I cannot fathom either how people can simply decide they no longer want their pets. To me, a pet is for life. What a lucky girl Missy is! And the old saying of "everything happens for a reason" is true, even though it may take some time before we realize it.

  23. Enjoy your new family member--she is a cutie!


  24. My youngest pup is just about to turn 1 and I swear she gets cuter every day!

  25. Awww she is gorgeous Simone I always seem to find missing dogs or they find me I end up having them for a few days as Mackay is hopless at being able to get them back to there owners 9 times out of 10 I just do it myself.
    The thought of a lost dog I cannot drive by with out picking them up my husband is like oh here we go again hee hee enjoy your new family member I am sure you will have many years of fun with her :)) xx

  26. Thank God for loving people like you Simone. Grrr... makes me so angry that people just want a 'puppy' and then don't care beyond that. Missy looks so, so sweet. More holidays with dogs for you! x

  27. Hi Simone,
    I just love your dear new Missy. Our older Missy has been with us since she was 6 weeks old and an adorable fluffy bundle. We still love her dearly and she will be turning 14 soon. We would be lost without her company and love. xo Sue


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