Monday, July 9, 2012

Navy and Orange Yes or No?

I absolutely love the look of navy and and orange together and am keen to put it in one of the rooms in my new house.

I am going to use some zig zag chevron in orange and navy from our clearance section.

However it is very bold and not everyone is a fan are you?

I think you just may be converted after seeing these gorgeous photos from Pinterest. 

Happy Monday Jody x x x 


  1. DEFINITELY! Lovw the two together as well as the chevron!

  2. I've started loving this colour combination too! Just works magically together in various shades. Have a lovely week xx

  3. I love, love, love orange and navy together. I am actually wearing it right now!! It works so well together :) I think orange is often overlooked in the home and one of the best colors to play with... Love the chevron rug.

  4. I do like it. It's not for my home right now,but can look really good in the right place. I did have a blue and orange kitchen back in the 70's and it was really nice. x

  5. If I could find a chevron pattern like that orange and navy, I would definitely USE it!!! It would be perfect as a rug in my husband's office...or pillows on his sofa. I am a huge fan of orange and use it everywhere in my home.


  6. Well I think it works really well together! :)

  7. I so and navy is lovely together..found that out as I added orange bits to my old navy wardrobe...have been wearing these 2 together all summer long now. xoxo

  8. Navy and orange are super summer must haves. Needed some color today, thanks for sharing!

  9. always always always navy and orange! love it a definite classic!

    xx M & E


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