Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Room Please?

Spare room. I know you are out there. Please make yourself known. The fabric studio is full upstairs so now we resort to storing new arrivals downstairs. 
Help me Rhonda! 
Over 100 rolls of oilcloth arrived this week and we are trying to squeeze them all in! Hope your week is going along nicely. xx


  1. Wow that's a lot...nice collection...Oh I see you've got some vintage aprons under "Love This" title...gotta go check it out...'cause I sew...and I've been kind of out of blogland for a while...deep in sewing projects...check'em out when you get the chance and say "hello"...Mel's Designs

  2. Mine sounds a lot calmer than yours! Good luck with the storage problem. G. X

  3. I'd be DeeLighted to take 2 yards of that red check or polka dot oilcloth off your hands! Hugs ~ jo

  4. I can see why you need another room, looks like fun though! x

  5. Ooh ... loving that oil cloth! Not exactly sized to fit on a shelf, I can see that.

    Thanks again,


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