Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunrise Sunset

I had a fabulous weekend. I wondered how I was going to sum it up on the blog this morning.
 I decided on using two words and two pictures (which I snapped over the weekend, love my iphone). 
And they are: Sunrise, Sunset. 
Hope that gives you an idea of what I got up to.
Happy Monday.
Simone xx
PS: Yes, the second photo is sunset! I am not that bad.


  1. Mother Nature sure shows us some pretty things doesn't she?! Lovely photos.

  2. Now did you ever move during the day? Or did your favorite food and beverage guy just keep bringing items you needed.

  3. Hi Simone, fantastic pictures!! Kisses, Ana

  4. What bliss!Sounds like the perfect weekend!
    I discovered your online shop a month ago and ordered a few fabulous pieces (which arrived the next day – Thank You!) and have been blabbing about the store to anyone that will listen! Have just started following your blog - Thank you for solving my fabric woes!

  5. That was a lovely sunset indeed! I am really glad that you shared this page. Lovely!

  6. Lovely sunrise and sunset snaps. xoxo ~ Herman Swan


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