Monday, September 10, 2012

~ Latest eBay Find ~

Here is our latest eBay find. A vintage cane 2 seater. 
It has had a good clean and is now ready for primer.
Can't decide what colour to paint it......
We are using it in a photo shoot for our homepage.
Happy Monday. 
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  1. For a sec I thought it was that adorable dog!... Pick a bright color... I can imagine your fabric pillows on it!.

  2. I think white or the beautiful pale blue you have in your house.
    i'm thinking blue

  3. I love this cane goodness! And I'm so glad I found you on Instagram too :)

  4. Hi Simone & Jody,
    Just checking in on my fav blog. Where has time flown too! I have lots of catching up to do myself. Hope all is fine in your sunny patch of Aus. Love the Cane find, you can never tire of Cane. Looking forward to seeing your bright new revamp of this sweet classic.
    xo Sue
    Astrachic Studio
    Northern Territory, Australia

  5. What a great find! It's stunning. Depending on where its going.. I would love a yummy bright lime to make the chair a feature. Just a thought :)

    Gen x

  6. Love love love this - can't wait to see what you do with it.


  7. Nice posting "outdoor products " .. This is the first time I have come across your-site. Post info, I’ll be back soon. Thanks!

  8. What a find....and I soooo love your sweet pup! xox Hugs

  9. That is one sweet seatee. It looks great as is, but I can also see it looking gorgeous in an aqua blue, hot pink, neon, red, yellow....think it will look fab no matter what colour you choose..oh orange would be great too. How are you going to pick!


  10. Looks like a lot of potential, love cane furniture!


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