Friday, October 26, 2012

Project Day: Fabric Embriodery Hoops as Wall Art

 This weeks project features a beautiful yet simple way to decorate any wall.
What you need:
Stretch your fabric over the inner ring of the hoop then secure it in place with the outer ring. Pull the edges lightly to make sure your fabric is firm.
Once you have it in place tighten the screws, trim the excess fabric and your Hoops are ready to hang on the wall.
Odd numbers always work best when grouping things together, we used three hoops in different sizes however you could add as many as you like.
Have a great Weekend


  1. I made one a while back for my sewing room.

  2. My favourite decorating idea...have these over my desk right now. xoxo Hugs

  3. Love these and the fabrics are gorgeous. xx

  4. hello!

    this little project couldn't be easier and it's so inexpensive. i did this in my bedroom and love it! adoring your fabric choices!



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