Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello anyone out there?
Simone here from Beach Vintage. I need to talk!

The Beach Vintage blog was something I started in 2009 because I was passionate about all things vintage and thrifty and I wanted to share it with others. 

Over the past 18 months my life has changed, and so has this blog.
An online fabric business and life's daily chores took over.
I guess we all have to prioritize right?

The blog had almost become a living thing, and I was beginning to despise it.
Can anyone relate?
"Delete it" went through my mind.
"Stop blogging" , yes heard that too.
And here I sit now, today, still not knowing what to do with this little creature I created all those years ago.

So I figure I am going to let things just "happen".
They way they always do in life.
What will happen to BV?
Don't know my lovelies.



  1. I used to love coming over to your blog and seeing all your home and pretties. You were the first blog I followed. I noticed you don't do it the same any more. Sometimes if life gets too busy it can't be helped. It will tell you what to do. xx

  2. Oh please dont delete it Simone
    Your blog was one of the first I read and you inspired me to start my own ( - if you are interested!!)
    I love looking back at al your different projects and you have inspired many of my own
    So from one of your followers, maybe have a rest, take a breath, but please come back :-)

  3. Hi Simone, I have missed your blog. It was one of the first blogs I found and followed. However, I could see how time-consuming it was for you, especially when you started the fabric business (great fabric, by the way). I loved the weekly craft projects, but most of all I just loved seeing your pretty house, op shop finds, and other ideas you came up with. Of course you must follow your heart and do what is best for you. Your cheery personality has always shone through your work. All the best to you, whatever you do.

  4. That is the best way, just letting things happen!!! I do like your blog! Sometime, we spread ourselves too thin, I think.... but my blog still tells a lot about what/who I am

  5. Hi Simone - oh i know exactly what you mean. I stopped my blog about 6 months ago - made it private till I can work out what I want to do. I've always loved your blog so if you stop that will be sad, however I follow fabric traders on Instagram. xox

  6. Hate to be a downer, but used to love your blog until it turned into an eyesore of commercial spots...
    It seems to me that every time a blog becomes a 'success' it translates into a pile of spam...sorry, don't expect you to publish this, but you asked...

  7. Just post here whenever you wanna share something. After all you created this blog it should be about what you like. If you don't have time for it. Pop in for a visit every now and then. ;)
    Good luck to you.


  8. Hi Simone, Jodye here from Cairns,

    I have enjoyed your lovely photos and posts from Beach Vintage over the
    last year or two. They have inspired me and put a smile on my face as I am
    sure they have done to others. But there are plenty of things in life we
    can find to smile about and if we choose to there are lots of things we can
    find beauty in and be inspired by. We need to make priorities in life
    so that we can give those things the love and attention they deserve.
    Other things can wait. Go with your heart lovely.


  9. Totally get it. Don't have much time for it either. Just let it 'happen'.

  10. Miss this blog. Totally understand. All the best w/your endeavors.

  11. Thanks for all your comments, the good and bad! I appreciate it. Simone xx

  12. Hi I really like yr blog!! Even if you take a break from blogging, please dont delete it. I really like the projects and ideas that u have put up!!

  13. Totally understandable! Things change in that amount of time. I've always loved your pretty blog. Hopefully you'll continue to pop in with more of your projects and peeks into what you're up to. xo

  14. I hear you my changes and things happen. YOu have been a dear encourager to me through the years and have so inspired me...let whatever will happen ..happen. I will keep checking in. Hugs and ooodles of love xoxoxoxo

  15. That's funny, I was just doing a post on my blog about lucky things that have happened to me and you're in it! That's weird. I understand the feeling though and imagine you're extremely busy with your fabrics. I love, them by the way. But just know that your little blog has made a difference in peoples lives, even if in a small way. Whatever you do I am glad to know you:)

  16. I feel the same way! How did we have time to blog and by that I mean look at everyone else's blogs and comment etc. but you know what I just thought.....think of the lovely friendships we've made in the real world through blogging. Some of these bloggers like you and Pam Anita Thea ....have become really lovely friends so I am thankful for blogging too. X xx

  17. Simone, we started blogging around the same time and it has always been a treat to visit this happy, charming place and to see all your success. You would be missed if you left, but in the end you have to do what makes you happy. After all, isn't that why we began blogging in the first place?

    Whatever you decide, I hope the next chapter is as full of sweet surprises and wonderful moments as this one has been.

  18. Hi Simone. Blogging is a huge commitment but life and family are bigger ones. I tried hard to keep mine going but it was so difficult for me to find daily interesting things to post and if I am not happy with what I write I won't post it at all...Most of the time our lives are just, lets say..normal, wake up, clean the house, work, take care of the family...sometimes we don't have time to be creative and spend time crafting, sewing, taking pictures...we have to be wives, mothers, drivers, so don't worry...write whenever you feel like, your blog is really beautiful but don't make it into an has to be pleasure!
    Flavia from Canada

  19. Oh never delete it...
    These things usually happens to many bloggers.
    Just keep it alive because people will miss you so much.
    Amway I love those fabrics, it's really pretty.

    Nicholle Olores of Allkind

  20. oh, i sooooo understand! i have cut way back and i don't have anything like your reasons for doing so. please don't delete...or stop...just pop in when you have a sec to spare!!! we will be here!!

    m ^..^

  21. Great to see you here Simone! I had a bit of a break myself and wondered if i should continue. As I looked back over my posts I realized how many happy memories and creations I have shared... and thought wast a lovely scrapbook I have made for myself! So I aim to share more this year, even just snippets because it is so nice to look back on! You have so many great memories here it would be sad to see it all go. Just pop in every so often, whatever you can manage and enjoy happy times with friends! X

  22. Hi Simone,
    I have never commented before, but have followed your blog for ever.
    I live just a couple of streets over from you and have loved following along as I can totally relate to many of your posts and have loved seeing this little piece of paradise we call home come to life through your words and pictures and be the envy of many around not only Australia, but the world.

    I would love to have a blog, especially about this little corner of the world and all it's hidden little gems ( we have lived here for nearly ever) but as I work full time and juggle a child and husband, house,friends and family, I don't know if I want one more thing on my plate so I completely understand and I don't run a busy business as well so I am sure you have more than enough to get through each day. Maybe just pop in and say hi every so often so we all know everything is well in your world. Good Luck with whatever you choose to do. Jen

  23. Please keep your blog Simone, even if you only post once a month! Yours is the first blog I ever followed and you have inspired me to use colour and trust my own taste. You have also influenced me not to get too hung up on doing things 'properly' (for instance I just recovered a lampshade in one of your fabric traders fabrics and didn't even sew a hem on it, I just cut and glued it on but it looked fab!). x

  24. Simone , I totally understand but please dont stop altogether. I may not always comment but I do read it. You give me little bursts of colour that inspire me. I wouldnt have known about fabric traders if it wasnt for your blog. I have purchased from there also. Actually I miss your little online store that I purchased some vintage items from & other bits & bobs. My daughter has her little vintage pink ceramic pig money box on show proudly in her room. I think of you when I see it. I remember when you made food & distributed it at a time when Qld flood victims were being helped , when you invited me to a luncheon ( ( I didnt quite make it to ) . Showing your little piece of the world.
    Your blog has shown your character , your talent & inspired me to like you , know if I work hard I hope to start my own business really soon.
    Maybe you could post from time to time & if not thankyou for being out there , inspiring some of the world.
    Karyn x

  25. Simone, your post really hit a chord with me. I had a blog (Wicker & Stitch) that I started about 5 years ago when I was single and had time to kill. I loved it... passionately! Then I met my husband, had a baby and started my own interior design business and the blog totally ground to a halt. It used to stress me out thinking that I hadn't posted in months and it became this big looming thing in my life (ridiculous really!). So I stopped blogging altogether and focused on the other areas of my 'real' life. But the thing for me is that I'm also a writer and I missed the creative outlet that blogging gave me - I've recently started a brand new blog with different content and I'm right back into it.

    So my advice is have a break for a while if you find it all too consuming or you feel stale. Life is short. When you run out of time to be fully present with your family or devote as much of yourself to your business then something has to give. The blogging community will always be here if you decide to jump back in. And sometimes a break can be such a creative boost and give you a different perspective.

    Angela x


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