Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easy Pom Pom Dress

I purchased this plain cotton white dress online for $14.
I had always intended to add some trim to it.
Just so happens some new Pom Pom trims arrived this week and I just couldn't resist having some fun with them.
I simply sewed the trim on the front of the neckline.
I thought I was done.
But I continued to added some on the bottom hem as well. 
Oh help me!
I have always been a sucker for Pom Pom Trims!


  1. Very cute!
    Love the colorful pom poms.

    M :)

  2. Que lindo ha quedado,ahora tiene un poco de color y destaca mas el vestido.
    Un besazo

  3. Wow Simone! That looks gorgeous, so colourful and imaginative.

    Hope you follow my new blog! Pam xx (Bayside Rose and Petals and Vintage)

  4. Such a cute idea! I love the multicolor pom poms!

  5. Love the pom poms. they look great. very clever idea!


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