Sunday, February 9, 2014

Looking Back on 2013

Although a bit late in posting about last year, it was not until this afternoon that I actually thought about writing this post. I was flicking through a few old photos from last year and came across these from my wonderful time on Hamilton Island & Qualia Resort last October.

I was invited to the "Vogue Living Champagne Dinner" at Qualia which was styled by the one and only Megan Morton.

I met Megan and had the chance to chat one on one (which was fabulous). She sure knows how to style a party! Amazing. 

The whole night just gave me a real "injection of inspiration" and I left feeling I could accomplish anything I put my mind too. I love times like that.

Cheers to 2014 people. What will your life create this year?

all photos taken by me (except one as I am in it!)


  1. It looks amazing. I wish I could pull together a party like that. Perhaps with time and a bit of practice. ;)
    Are you going to share some of what she said?

  2. I want to continue to have more calm and continuity... Things have been going pretty well this early in the year... love the photos, u look great.

  3. Happy 2014 my friend...hope your year is off to an amazing start. xoxox


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