Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Now Officially Hate Grey

A few days ago I was so excited about choosing new house colours. 
I wanted to find the perfect shade of grey. So off to the paint shop I went and came home with 4 sample pots. 
How hard could it be?
I painted a few swatches on the wall here and there.

Then the next morning as I came downstairs they all looked different on the wall!
How dare they change colour overnight.
Back to the paint shop, more sample pots. More painting.
Yesterday I thought I had found my colour - so I painted a whole wall. I was so excited (see second picture).
After 4 hours and a bottle of red, I had not found my colour.
So I am still searching for my shade of grey.
Will let you know when I find it.
At least my trusty Lab understands my pains.
Simone xx


  1. I love greys but it is really difficult to find the right shade...I have learned that I like greys that are on the greener tone rather than blue, if that makes sense. But many prefer greys with the bluer tone. I guess I like warm greys rather than cool. Anyway we have been planning to paint our front door and shutters a stone grey for over a year now BUT haven't found the perfect shade of grey yet.

    It is so nice to have you pop up in my Blog feed again. I have missed you! This is my 8th year of Blogging so I remember you way back when. :)

  2. I love to use Resene Quarter Truffle

  3. I understand your pain. a few years ago when I was having the painters paint the trim on my house outside...I knew exactly the shade of blue green I wanted....twelve paint tests later I finally found the perfect shade.

  4. I remember when my painter suggested a color called 'pebble'... he said it was 'the' color ... and he was right... he was also right about another color as well... Pebble is a Dunn Edwards color... another great neutral looks great in the bathroom... :-)

  5. Ah, grey might be the 'new white' then! I have used Dulux Silver Illusion and it looks perfect to me...good luck with your search!

  6. I know your pain! I have a cupboard full of grey testpots....we ended up choosing a Dulux colour, Quarter Narrowneck which reads a beautiful green grey. We are an older beachside property in NZ and have paired it with crisp white trim and a charcol exterior. Good luck.

  7. I wanted to paint my kitchen in a very soft grey and the guest room in a very soft blue. Don;t believe the colour charts our kitchen is lavender and the guest room is soft grey. What will be will be lol

  8. Oh no I love Grey and want it in my house.... Who thought grey would be hard to choose! And I love all those swatches too!!


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