Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week One - Scaffolding is Ugly

Well here is my ugly house. This is my challenge. And just when I thought my house couldn't look any uglier on the outside, it now does. 
One word : Scaffolding.
 I have to say scaffolding is completely ugly.  I woke yesterday at 6:30am to find 8 men in my front yard lugging yellow metal poles, ladders and planks.
It was so cold outside. I am not sure how these men do it. But they do it. Before long it was all up. 
My beautiful green front lawn will soon be a thing of the past. There is a huge skip bin and stuff everywhere. 
So this week is about ripping off gutters, roof tiles and building eaves. Then the whole roof will come off (yep no roof) and replaced. 
Meanwhile I have narrowed my interior paint colour down to 2 choices.
 After $120 spent on sample pots I am over it. Will decide tomorrow.


  1. oh dear friend...just think what it is going to look like....hang in there. xoxoxo

  2. But so exciting, the hard work and disruption will pay off in the end. Can't wait to see what you have planned!


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