Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cape Cod Addiction

I am fascinated by Cape Cod. I have never been but there's just something the place that captivates me. I guess if I had to pinpoint something it would have to be the architecture of the homes and the furnishings inside them. I love the decorating style used. Simple. Soft colours. Weathered furniture. Nothing too modern. I look forward to someday visiting this lovely place. Are you drawn to a certain location you are yet to visit? Maybe that place says something about your own personal style. So put it on your wish list. I know I have Cape Cod on mine.


  1. Cape Cod is about 6 1/2 hours from Quebec. I went there many times and saw many old houses. A lovely place!

  2. Cape Cod is on my bucket place. I'm always reading fiction which takes place on the Cape. Drawn by the relaxed feel, the laid back lifestyle, the beauty of the beach and the architecture of the homes. We rebuilt our Southern California cottage in the Cape style for that very reason. I'm off to check out your Shades of Blue post now.


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