Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dishing up Shells

Sometimes just mixing a few simple things can make such a statement. Over the years I have collected many shells from our trips away to the beach. I decided to place a few of them on a vintage serving plate I picked up at a garage sale recently. The plate is a little rough in places from years of use, but I think it works perfectly with the shells. They too are a little chipped and imperfect, succumbing to years of battering by the sea. So now I can see my beautiful shells every morning before I grab my keys and head out the door. I am reminded of all the lovely beaches I have visited (and fallen for). Do you have some special trinkets hiding away that should be on display?


  1. * Simone, I couldn't agree with you more ~ I started collecting old/antique/vintage silver napkin rings, & I prefer the ones w/ initials (& loooove them when dated too!)~~~ I try to picture the person/people for whom they were created. It's a delightful few moments of fantasy, & children seem to love doing it too, & i most certainlyt helps their creative thought processes grow, and withOUT prodding!!! Best wishes, Linda in AZ

  2. Thanks Linda, I must get my hands on some of those napkin rings, I have seen them around. Thanks for your comments.


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