Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brooms Head Beach House

I recently rented a small fibro beach shack in the sleepy coastal township of Brooms Head in NSW, Australia . It was the most devine little place. I found out the owners had recently refurbished it. They couldn't spend alot of money so they went about it as best they could. Fresh white paint on the interior, floorboards sanded, ikea kitchen & sofa's. Then they mixed it all up with vintage and op shop finds. There is no air conditioning or mod cons but it all works so well, and as soon as you enter the house you can feel the instant coastal charm. My favourite thing? The wall mounted shell display (everyone that stays is encouraged to add to it). This house has a real touch of nostalgia about it. It inspires me to live a more simpler life. Where the biggest drama is how to keep sand out of your sandwiches and how many swims you can squeeze in before dinner time. Do you remember times like this? What wonderful memories. I can't wait to return.


  1. I am too jealous to looK any longer at this had me at the words 'sleepy little coastal town in NSW...' sigh.. I love NSW and miss it so much now I am living back in England. The decor sounds gorgeous too and your photography is so lovely. I like your blog, i do, i do!

  2. Brooms Head is a beautiful little corner of the earth. My family live along the coast and am lucky to visit them regularly.

    Currently living at bayside Brissy and cruising blogs to inspire me to convert the common town house to beach cottage chic. Thanks for sharing all your creative inspiration here.


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