Monday, April 27, 2009

Flying Wall Ducks

I am loving these flying wall ducks from Robert Gordon Australia. They come in lots of pretty colours too. They remind me of my great Aunts vintage mallard ducks that adorned her kitchen wall. She would cook for hours in that kitchen of hers. I would sit and watch and we would sing together. I was only two years old and she has long passed now, but I can still see that kitchen when I close my eyes. And I can still see those ducks on the wall too.


  1. I have a thing for flying ducks. I have been wanting to get some for a while. But ended up getting flying swallow instead. They are so cute!

  2. Thanx for all your lovly comments,Simone.
    I was trying to work out where your beautiful beach house is with a friend the other day. Is it on one of the Bay islands?

  3. Hi, its actually at Victoria Point, Brisbane Bayside. Cheers and thanks xx

  4. Hi Simone

    What lovely memories to have - it's amazing what we remember and how the simplest of things can remind us of a distant place and time. Also, thank you for your lovely comments - I'm so glad I've discovered your blog. I just love it!


    Leigh@Brabourne Farm

  5. Oh, these are gorgeous. My mum used to have the traditional green ones many years ago but I much prefer these, especially in a lovely seaside style abode.

  6. ah ha thought it looked familiar,was thinking Coochie. I'm at Ormiston

  7. Hi Simone, I just wondered if you would allow me to copy and paste some of the photos from your blog to be made into a greeting card for my friend. I just love the little caravan shot, the teapot with flowers in and a couple of others.I will post a photo of the card I make and put you as the image source in my blog if you agree. Thanks

  8. Hi, that's fine, a link or mention would be fabulous. Thanks again for asking. Simone xx


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