Thursday, April 30, 2009

Janet Hill's Talent

If you have not already heard of and visited Janet Hill's Studio, do yourself a favour and do it now. She is the most amazing artist I have seen for ages. I absolutely love every single one of her artworks! This painting is a particular favourite. It is called "The Yellow Chintz Chair". It has already sold but how I would have loved to have owned it. It immediately calms me when I look into it. What an amazing talent she has. Don't you think? Thanks too for all your lovely comments on yesterdays post.


  1. I love her paintings but I'm never fast enough! One day ....

  2. This is a gorgeous painting Simone, xv.

  3. very pretty. I love turqouise and yellow together. Yesterdays' post is definitely very lovely. I like the soft feel to it.

  4. Loving your little blog and being a Brisbane girl I definitely relate to the loving of all things coastal.

    I'm fortunate enough to own one (just one - never quick enough) of these gorgeous paintings and I love it to pieces.


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