Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Little Vintage Ceramic Girl

I cant stroll past my local antique shop without stopping. It's hopeless. So look what I found hiding in the corner today. A cute ceramic figurine of a little girl holding a dog and a telephone. At $8.00 I couldn't resist her. She's cracked and chipped here and there but that just adds to her beauty. I haven't decided where to put her yet but I am sure she will find a place somewhere. I just love vintage children's figurines. They have so much character and beauty. I could decorate a whole room based on her colours. Too cute!


  1. What a sweet figurine! Good find, Simone. I used to have a hard time passing up vintage ceramic baby planters, so I understand how it is.

  2. Lovely doll ...and great blog - I am enjoying your posts. xx

  3. isn't she so adorable I love the things you blog about Simone everthing is so so pretty including your shoe. I had some of these once but can't think what happened to them must look out for more. thanks xxx


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