Monday, April 6, 2009

Pink Velvet Wingbacks

Can you believe these were left out on the street for collection by council cleanup? I would have had a car accident if I had drove past these! I have a passion for old wing back chairs. I have two at home which I purchased second hand on EBay. But I have secretly wanted pink velvet one's just like these. How devine. Council clean-ups happen twice a year in most Australian suburbs and it's amazing what is left on the road for collection. Keep your eyes peeled. Have you found anything thrown out on the road that you have used in your home? I would love to know about it.


  1. We need council clean-ups here in the states!

  2. I have three tables that have all been on the side of the road. Granted I paid $10 for two of them but that might as well be free. It is the most exciting thing to get things that way!

  3. Oh my gosh. You & I would have had a head on collision!! They are AMAZING!! I love your blog!

  4. What areas of Sydney in your opinion discard the most valuable/useful/beautiful junk? I live out west and rarely come across anything of any value :(

  5. The side tables in my bedroom are from curbside shopping!! I think they may be mahhogany & have carvey legs, just gorgeous!!!!

  6. in the Vancouver B.C. area we just put it out on the curb or roadside any old day of the week with a "free" sign on it!...and poof!..its gone in no time!
    ...We get a lot of rain here and seriously not much stays out there for long!.
    Great blog!


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