Friday, January 29, 2010

Project Day: My Holiday Attire

I am off for the weekend to another beach that I have yet to explore. A mini break to a place called Port Stephens in NSW. A short fly/drive stay for us. But before I leave here are my new look flip flop thongs which I whipped together this morning. I can't take credit for the original idea ( I saw it somewhere in a magazine). This is a fun way to add a little glam to the sometimes drab looking shoes I frequently wear when I am on holiday.
  • Grab your old worn flip flops / thongs....I know you have some somewhere.
  • Using grosgrain ribbon and some glue wind/stick the ribbon around each strap of the shoe.
  • Glue some embellishments on the top of each.
  • Head to the nearest beach, bay or lake and have fun.
Take care this weekend. Don't forget about my Coastal Living Giveaway. Will catch up with you all next week I promise. Simone xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Sunbeam in Action

I had an overwhelming response from last weeks post on my vintage pink Sunbeam Mix Master. Lot's of you wanted to see some pictures of it in action. Well here she is. In all her glory. I made cupcakes for Australia Day. She worked a dream. I couldn't stand a bright blue icing so I compromised for pastel blue. I am so happy. Lock me away with her all day in the kitchen and I wouldn't care.
pictures taken in my kitchen (helping little "baking hands" are my daughters) by me

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

February Coastal Living Giveaway

It's that time again. The February issue of Coastal Living is on sale and take a look at my pick from the issue. The 15 Prettiest Island Rooms. A collection of Coastal Livings favourite tropic-inspired living spaces. And I am in just love with these images. My personal favourite is that blue bathroom. I could just sit in there all day.
And of course my good friends at Coastal Living have given me a copy of this issue to giveaway. To win just leave a comment below. I will post anywhere. Winner drawn Wednesday 3rd Feb 2010. Good Luck!

Other Coastal Living reviewers are: Completely Coastal, The Lettered Cottage and Coastal Nest.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Remember that Baby Bird ?

I know I said I was not going to post today ( it's Australia day tomorrow) and that I was taking a long weekend. But I had to post this photo. Do you remember that baby bird I saved last October? It was only a few days old when I found it. Well I have tried to release it 3 times and every time it keeps flying back to me. It wont go. So I decided to keep it a little longer. A lot longer? He/she seems to be fitting into the Beach Vintage lifestyle quite well don't you think? Oh whatever have I done....
photo taken this morning by me

Friday, January 22, 2010

Project Day: Bits and Bobs Lamp

I found the vintage shade first, it caught my eye immediately upon entering the thrift store. A few tassels missing here and there which added to it's character. For $3 I couldn't say no.
Then I went on the hunt for a base that may suit this style of shade. It cost a little more at $7. The lamp base was a bit tired and scuffed. I didn't wish to repaint it so I decided to try something a little different. And you know how I love to mix colours up!
  • I used a vintage yellow doiley.
  • Using a glue gun I wrapped the doiley around the base and glued it neatly behind. Keep your tension firm.
  • To hide any messy bits at the back I glued a few crochet flowers on - (purchased on etsy).
  • Put the shade back on and the face good side front.
This took 10 minutes to do. Now I just can't decide where on earth to put it!

Have a blast this weekend, I am taking a long weekend. It's Australia Day! Where we celebrate all things Ozzie, like BBQ's and beer, backyard cricket and lamingtons. Kind of like Thanksgiving mixed with Independence Day I guess. Hooray! See you next week.
original oil painting on my wall by the lovely Jennifer Beaudet

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look What I Got !

I just couldn't resist. A vintage Sunbeam mix pink of course. Since I did my cupcake course with The Cupcake Company I have gone baking MAD. Before this beauty I had a terrible cheap cake mixer...... so I had to upgrade, right?
ps: don't forget tomorrow is Friday which = project day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Night Time Seashell Sorting

My niece was over last night. It was a hot balmy night and the girls had been swimming all day. They were fussing over my shell collection. On closer observation I found them actually trying to sort out the different species of shells into groups from a vintage seashell book I have. I had to capture the adventure to share with you all.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Roses = Happiness ?

Yesterday I bought 2 bunches of roses. My local flower farm sells them for $10 a bunch. I always split them up to make 3 or 4 smaller bunches, which I place around the place. They last me all week if I change the water every few days.
Whilst eating breakfast this morning I realised that they kind of co-ordinated their surrounds (which is unlike me). I had a chuckle because when I got home at dusk yesterday I randomly placed them about. Not thinking about it too much. Oh the power of a rose!

picture by me : my home today

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bedside Dilemma

I am looking for a bedside table for one of my spare bedrooms (which I have just redecorated).
I just can't decide what to go for. Whatever it is, it won't be conventional. These images are inspiring me today. Hope you all had a great weekend.
image # 1 Ebay
image #2 Flickr
image # 3 BHG
image #4
image#5 BHG

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project Day: Making Frangipani Chains

"Just because we are away on vacation doesn't mean we stop making things". That's what I told my daughter before we headed out hunting for fallen frangipani blooms on New Years Eve.

Here's what you will need:
  • Heaps of blooms [frangipani or other similar flower]
  • Fishing line
Wash your flowers to remove any excess dirt and debris. Using the fishing line insert it through the flower base/stem. Repeat until you have the required length of chain.
We used them for leis and I also hung one the bathroom of our beach shack. The fragrance of these flowers are amazing.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting me on my first week back in 2010. Hugs. Simone xx


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