Friday, April 30, 2010

Project Day: No Zip Cushion Cover

I hate zips! I was inspired to make this cushion cover from a disused pillowcase, and old cushion and some embellishments from Ikea. It's best to use a striped pillowcase cover so as you can cheat the straight line seam/sewing.
  • I used a 40cm x 40cm old cushion but you can use an insert.
  • Place the insert into the pillowcase and move it hard up against the sleeve/flap opening [this becomes your no zip entry!] pic 3 #.
  • Cut off the excess length so the cushion sits tight inside.
  • Take the cushion out.
  • Turn the pillowcase inside out and sew the cut edge together [you should now have 3 sewn edges and the original opening/flap of the pillowcase].
  • Embellishing the top. I used these crochet embellishments from Ikea [$4.99 a set] and some fusible webbing [ebay].
  • Cut out the webbing to the approx size of each embellishment.
  • With the iron on wool setting, press down hard for 20 secs per embellishment or until webbing has fused with the fabric.
  • Insert your cushion again and enjoy.
As stated yesterday, I am off for a girls long weekend ! So excited. Will be back early next week! Take care. Simone xx

Thursday, April 29, 2010

~ Sprinkley Day ~

Who would have thought candy sprinkles could look so pretty. I am making cupcakes today for a special weekend starting tomorrow. Can you hear my vintage sunbeam mixer warming up? She works a treat. The butter is melting down and my pink frosting is ready!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My 6th & My 10th Post

Games games.......I can never say no to a game! So here goes. I was challenged by my dear blogging friends Ale [from Viola Violeta] and Melissa from [Miss Sew & So] to re publish my 6th and my 10th posts! Oh my. Here goes.
My 6th post was about these gorgeous vintage inspired gift tags [ I got 2 comments] , and my 10th post was my second ever Project Day: A Bathroom Towel Holder [ I got 1 comment] . Thanks for the laughs today girls. Funny how time flies and things change!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ A Very Special Bling Giveaway ~

Vintage costume jewelry is such fun. But sometimes it is hard to find [and even harder to find in good condition]. There is an alternative. Introducing Fletcher and Grace. They have the most wonderful vintage inspired jewelry available and it's all online! This gorgeous Marie Antoinette corsage brooch [ as seen in magazines such as Grazia & Sunshine Coast Brides] is made with costume pearls and an antique finish.
Guess what, my gorgeous friends at Fletcher and Grace want you to own one!
To win this beauty all you have to do is click here to visit their site and tell me in your comment which is your favourite piece. And this wonderful brooch could be yours [valued at $65]. I will post anywhere in the world and winner announced 5th May 2010. Good Luck.
PS: They are having a sale at the moment with 50% off selected items and free postage offers.

Monday, April 26, 2010

For the Love of Vintage Books

I am not an avid reader. Magazines, yes I can do, but long novels I cannot. But nothing deters me from smelling and touching a vintage book. I took these photo's recently at the Beach House NZ. Aren't they just stunning. One day I would love to have a huge bookcase full of old books like this.
photo's taken by me

Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Day: Hand Towel Mat

I bought these quirky floral hand towels from a discount store for $2 each. Here's what I did to make an equally quirky mat.
  • Pin the 4 towels wrong side together.
  • Sew along each side until all 4 towels are joined together to form one piece.
  • I used some jumbo polka dot green grossgrain ribbon for the edging. Pin it in place and use a thick cross stitch setting on your sewing machine in a contrasting cotton (pink in my case!) to sew it on the towels.
That's it! It was really quite easy and took around 1 hour to complete. Now I just have to figure out where to put it!
The sun is out! I am going outside for awhile. Enjoy your weekend.
Simone xx

Thursday, April 22, 2010

~ Thursday Thrift Store Finds ~

I don't usually go thrift shopping on Thursdays. Today was a little rainy and overcast. It felt like a good day to go searching for some treasure. Here are a few things I picked up today.

Shabby Salad Servers 50c
Baby Pink Coat Hangers $1.00 a bunch
Vintage Linen Pack $2
Mini Paris Snowglobe $1

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~ My Dining Room Today ~

It is absolutely bucketing down with rain outside today so I am enjoying arranging some roses in some vintage jugs. Placed side by side on my dining room table I added my favourite striped tablecloth. It feels a little sunnier inside somehow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~ One Pink Slipper ~

Mum went through some old cupboards last week for a clean out. She called me up to tell me she had found some things of mine from long ago. I did not think much of it until she dropped them off. In the box of treasures was a ceramic pink ballet shoe I have had since I was about 7 years old. It was amazing how many memories came back in an instant. I started ballet when I was 5 years old and finished up when I was 16 (one of life's regrets!). This shoe was given to me as a gift and I adored it. It's funny how you forget things that meant so much at the time. Thanks Mum. xx

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Elementary But...

I am aware that everyone knows that red and white make pink. Right? But I just had to share one of my all time favourite images to remind you! I bought this old Richard Scarry Book at an op shop / thrift store for 50c last year and it is my favourite vintage children's book that I own. In particular I love the section in the book explaining how colours are made. It's just so pretty. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
image from Richard Scarrys Book "Things to Know" 1971

Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Day: Cube Stool Slipcovers

I have had these cube stools for years and they have been sitting in storage because they look too modern for my liking. So I gave them a little makeover this week so as I could re introduce them into our home! I made some easy slipcovers.
  • Using an old white sheet from a thrift store [$2.50] and a vintage plastic clothing hanger [$3.00] I cut out squares for the seat top and sides leaving a small seam allowance all round.
  • I pinned them altogether [wrong sides up] on the stool [this is the key as you can easily adjust the pieces so they fit snug].
  • Sew the whole thing together and turn right side up. Slip over stool. Add cushions.
As I am a basic sewer only this project was quite easy. And believe me it is not a perfect job, I even used the existing seams on the sheet for the bottom edging. But for me, that's what makes it perfect, the imperfections ! OK are allowed back inside now.
Have a great weekend everyone. Simone xx

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Aussie Beach House Pizza

On the last night at the Beach House we had nothing left to cook. But we were hungry. Now I have to let you know, I can't cook much. My father states I am the only person he knows that can burn water. Anyway, my friend Jody and I decided to make pizzas - from scratch! For the base we used beer, water, flour, salt and some oil. I had no idea of quantities, I just chucked it all in. After lots of kneading and laughs we managed to make a base. Then we just added some ham, cheese and some eggs. In the oven for a little while on high and we had produced what we called the Aussie Beach House Pizza. It was so yum.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ A Moment Captured ~

Whilst visiting Craggy Range Winery in Hawkes Bay last week my daughter wanted to go for a walk through the vineyard grounds [in the freezing cold]. I am not usually one to say no to a child who wants to play. Luckily for me I grabbed my camera at the last second. I captured her picking these humble dandelion flowers. "These are for you mum" she said afterward.
winner of my Coastal Living Giveaway chosen by is #13 Bubbachenille. Congrats!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ Beach House Tour ~

You know the feeling. When you walk into a place and it takes your breath away. It's not anything you can pin point or describe. It's just a feeling.
There were only two things that broke my heart.
(a) I had to leave (b) It was not mine.
Here are some pictures of the wonderful Beach house we stayed in last week. I threw the last one in for some ambiance! Enjoy!
pictures from Black Barns Beach House - Holiday Rental Hawkes Bay New Zealand


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