Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Thrift Finds + More Flood Pics

The weekend thrift. There is nothing better. Reels of thread purchased simply for the colour. Vintage pillowcases and gorgeous pink cushion covers. How could I resist these beauties ? This is my escape!
Here is a shopping centre that Jody and I visited last week. Every shop had been destroyed. Some people have lost their entire businesses. But we were there with water and food and a smile. Our Brisbane flood efforts continue this week. Thank-you again for your donations.
Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project Day: Gone to the Birds

Remember that fabric I had yards and yards of? Well I decided to cover some lampshades with it. Click here to see how you do it. Then, I just couldn't stop. I made an extra large tablecloth and a cushion cover too! These will all go to the shop tomorrow for sale.
I am continuing my flood relief for Brisbane. Here is Jody's car, full of lunchboxes. Some kids started school without them this week because of the floods, so we decided to buy a heap and help them out. Next week we are concentrating on non perishables. Things like towels and soap are high on the list for many so we will buy what we can with the funds you have donated. And look at those sweets, once again kindly baked by the ladies at Lifeline Capalaba. These make people who have lost everything smile again! Thank-you.
Have a great weekend. Keep crafting and creating!
Simone xx

Monday, January 24, 2011

~ I need to see colour ~

I think this sums it up. A customer came in the other day and said: " I am sick of seeing mud, brown mess, I need to see some colour!". She then went on to buy come floral clothing and accessories. She felt much better.
Over the weekend we unpacked some new stock for the shop. Here is a dose of that colour for those of you who cannot visit us in Brisbane. Hope it brings a little colour to your day.
floral dress $79 belt $29 : paper napkins $9/pack : polka dot oilcloth $18/m : cockatoo fabric $29/m

Beach Vintage flood relief is still going this week with food drops Thurs and Fri.

Friday, January 21, 2011

~ End of a Long Week ~

It's the end of a long week for us. 4 days on the streets of Brisbane handing out food and water to volunteers and workers whom are doing such a fabulous job cleaning up our city. Your donations are still coming in, with thanks. All of the monies are being spent on supplies.
My local Lifeline store contacted me a few days ago. The ladies wanted to bake cakes and biscuits for us to hand out along our travels. Thanks so much Gillian for organising this. Your sweets bought wide smiles on many a tired face.

Day 3:
Rocklea: We met an author who had lost a whole storage shed of his first drafts, vintage books, and his mothers historical book collection. He shrugged and said "that's life I guess".
Chelmer: Army in full swing. Many houses are still without power.
Graceville: House after house gutted, just shells. Amazing.
Jindalee: Water got to 8m high in one small set of shops. Owners are working to clean their spaces out. Absolute devastation. When we gave out iced water they squeezed the bottles on their necks and faces before they drank it.
Bellbowrie: The towns only shopping complex completely under water and ruined. Every shop lost. Large crews working to restore power.
Oxley: Fire crews and SES working around the clock.

Day 4:
Rocklea: Businesses on Medway Street & Ipswich Rd. We keep going back here as the people are telling us that no-one comes for food drops except us [ and they love our chicken rolls!]
Fairfield: Drop by RSPCA and The Corso.
Jamboree Heights: Tetanus Centre. Still many people lining up for shots. Dropped some chicken rolls and chocolates.
Jindalee: Yallambee Rd. The bowls club is trying to reopen by this weekend. Go you people go! They are cleaning up fast.
Corinda: St Aidans School Recovery Centre. An old lady was sitting outside. She had a community officer telling her she could get $170 a week assistance. She had her head down clutching a bottle of water.
Yeronga: Yeronga Primary School Recovery Centre. Packed with people. Dropped off rolls and water and sweets.

My friends next week I will be doing 2 days relief. But it important not to stop. As our mayor said " This is not a sprint, it is a marathon". So I intend on continuing my efforts for at least the next few weeks.
Have a wonderful weekend, please count your blessings.
Simone xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beach Vintage Flood Relief Update

Hi everyone. This is day 2 of the Beach Vintage Flood Relief in Brisbane.
Firstly a HUGE thank-you to all those whom have donated over the past 2 days.
You have no idea what these means to the people I have met and fed.
Some people just can't believe we are driving around doing this.
Some ask where we are from.
Some cry.
But all are grateful.
Day 1:
Rocklea - business district totally destroyed. Handed out food and water to business owners and volunteers cleaning up a mass of mud and grime.
Graceville - Residential. So bad I could not take photo's. It felt wrong too. Peoples houses gutted and full of mud. Handed out water to volunteers and army members.
Milton - Commercial District. Petrol generators everywhere. Many businesses have lost all stock and fit out. One family business on street washing stock in buckets to try and save what they could. Handed out food and water to whom ever needed it.
West End - Montague Rd. Very smelly. Most debris cleared here and roads are being cleaned up fast. Visited a small family business. They had lost 14 cubic metres of stock. Handed out food and water.

Day 2:
Rocklea again: This place has really been hit hard and no real hub where people can get food. So we went around again and handed out relief.
Fernvale: Local School needed cold water as still no electricity. We delivered the water and some sandwiches.
Jamboree Heights : State School where hundreds were lining up for tetanus shots. Food and cold water was welcomed there I can tell you !
Jindalee: Yallambee Street Business District. One whole shopping centre destroyed. Business owners and volunteers trying to clean up the mess. No electricity. Handed out cold water and more food.

....and tomorrow my friends we will do it all again.
Thanks so much for your donations, please keep them coming in.
Another update on Friday.


Monday, January 17, 2011


For two years now I have been blogging, and hopefully inspiring you.
Maybe I have given you an idea, or hope, maybe something that you can create, just for you.
This is a picture of my car this morning. I have decided to down tools. My friend Jody and I have purchased bottled water, energy bars and lunch treats. We have no idea where are are going, but we are driving around Brisbane, indefinitely, helping the thousands of volunteers and workers helping to rebuild our city after the floods. If you would like to help us I guarantee 100% of your donations will go towards food and water for these people. I will be taking photo's, daily, of my crusade. For those who donate and live in Brisbane/QLD /Australia you will go in the draw for a luncheon for 10 at my house, hosted by me, with all the frills [please put "aussie" after your comments today] . For those of you who don't. I love you and thank-you ! I won't forget you.
$5 buys 24 volunteers a bottle of water
$10 buys enough bread rolls for 2 dozen lunches
$20 buys 60 Muesli/Energy Bars
$50 buys over 200 vegemite sandwiches!

click on banner to donate

Chin Up

I find when I am upset about anything the best thing to do is get on with it. Work. Get out. Get moving. So today I am in my shop rearranging. Ordering. Cleaning up. Keeping busy. Trying everything to feel a little better about life at the moment. Opening my heart in the hope that inspiration will creep in and wake me from my sleep.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flood Update and Thank-you

We are so lucky. The waters crept up around my shop, but did not reach us. Many homes are under and the shops are still closed but I decided to reopen my shop today. Things have to return to normal as soon as we can. Yet, I have been unable to cope mentally and have been very upset. The tears keep coming. I am not sure why. I have not lost a loved one, or my home. I just feel so uneasy.
Thank-you friends, over 100 emails yesterday. Thank-you so much for your concerns. My house is many miles away from the flood centre and we are all fine. Let's all take a moment to think about the loss of life and homes that others have experienced over the past few days.
If you are one of these people, I am so so sorry.
picture of man rescuing baby kangaroo via sun herald

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Heart is Flooded

Forgive me my friends. My city is bracing for the worst floods in over 30 years. People are dead. Children are dead. The waters are rising. I cannot think right now. It is terrible terrible times. If you are out there and have been affected by these horrendous events I am thinking of you. Stay strong. We can rebuild.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Twenty Eleven GO!

I am back from the beach abyss. I am excited about this year. I really am. I have decided to say "Twenty Eleven" instead of the alternative, which is a real mouthful. Hope everyone had a memorable Christmas and New Year. Love to hear what you got up to.
Here are some pictures of the days that passed too quickly over my break
[which was spent at Yamba in NSW].
Picking roses from my garden [in the rain....and it hasn't stopped].
My handmade tablecloth from a vintage curtain and other patchwork pieces.
Christmas Lunch on the deck, Beach Vintage style.
New fabrics arrive for my store in Brisbane.
Taking the kids to a local carnival at dusk.
ching ching....let's get started on your dreams for this year!


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