Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Things

Roses sitting in vintage jugs, still looking lovely after almost a week adorning my home.
I am packing for a beach holiday starting next week .
Beach Vintage is two years old today!
Thanks to all my followers. What a journey it has become. Here's cheers to the next year. I have so much planned. Have a great week my friends. Talk soon. xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo's from Lunch

What a wonderful day we had. The weather held out so we could eat outside. The company was perfect. The champagne was flowing. We chatted and chatted and then laughed some. We all told stories and listened while others did the same. Thanks ladies for coming and making this day truly special. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts you gave. I will never forget this day.
Simone xx
you can read more about it HERE and HERE and HERE

Friday, March 18, 2011

Project Day: My Lunch

This Sunday I am hosting a lunch. Here are all the things I am making and gathering together to create a special tablescape. It is nice to think ahead and make an effort to impress your guests. For me, it is always the little things that make it special.
  • Pretty Tissue Paper Pom Poms I made by hand. So so simple. Click here for instructions.
  • Pastel coloured paper napkins from my store.
  • Take home cake boxes from Etsy.
  • Rainbow striped fabric for a tablecloth. No seams, just rip the fabric off!
  • Place mats made from jam jar covers.
  • Vintage jars waiting for rose buds. One for each place setting.
Now all I need is a nice day!
Next time you host a lunch what can you do to make it a little more special?
I will take some photo's of the day and post them next week. Have a great weekend.
Simone xx

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ Introducing Ellie ~

Every car I have ever owned has had a name. I always make up silly little names that I feel match the personality of the car. Well here she is. My 1962 EK Holden Special. I bought her last week in Sydney and she is on her way right now on a transport truck. She arrives here Friday. Poor little thing, hope she makes it OK. She has been sitting in a shed out west since 1980! This car has no rust. It is truly amazing. Everything is original. Just a few small adjustments to the motor and a buff and she will be ready to roll. I am one happy chappy this morning.

Monday, March 14, 2011

~ Busy Weekend ~

I was mad keen sewing all weekend. Look at all the pillow covers I made. All done quickly, seams not entirely straight, no zippers just ribbon ties and lots of little mistakes all round. I used bits and pieces, scraps of fabric, vintage tablecloths...whatever! All makes for perfect sewing [my style]. Hope you all had a great weekend. Will show you a picture of my car Wednesday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Day: Vintage Shopper

When I spotted these reusable shopping bags for $1 at KMart, I just couldn't resist. On their own, real nice, but I wanted to add a bit more fun!
  • Shopping bag from Kmart $1
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fabric Yo Yo's [ I buy mine pre made from Ebay]
  • Jumbo dotty ribbon
Arrange your fabric yo yo's randomly on the front of the bag. I like them all mismatched and all over the place. Hot glue each one onto the bag. Cut some ribbon for a beautiful bow. Tie the ribbon on the base of the strap.
Wa La
I new look.
Have a great weekend......I bought a car, I will reveal it next week.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Should I ?

Well I am going to buy myself a vintage car. It will be my third. I have owned and sold [with utter sadness] the previous two. But this year is my year. Now it's time again. This is the last time. This one will be with me forever. And this is the beauty I have my eye on. She is a 1960 Holden FB Station Wagon. And she has my name written all over it. Don't you think?

Monday, March 7, 2011

~ Pretty Monday ~

I am hosting my flood appeal lunch at my place in a few weeks and I am just getting some things together for my guests. Pretty things. That's why I couldn't resist these French Patisserie Cake Boxes. I will bake my famous vanilla cupcakes and each guest will receive one to take home in this pretty pretty box. Very cute. Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Day: Kitsch Sauce Squeezers

I am always a sucker for kitsch. When I saw these cheap sauce containers at the supermarket I couldn't help but see them in a "different light". You will need:
  • A pair of plastic sauce squeezers/containers
  • PVA Glue + craft paintbrush
  • Magazine tear pages/paper images
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Scissors
Cut out some cute images from a magazine. I used one image for each bottle, but you can collage if you like. Cut the image to size. Using the glue, attach each image to the front of the bottle. Measure your ribbon around the top and bottom and cut 2 pieces to size. Then attach ribbon in the same way. Don't worry if it gets messy, PVA glue dries clear.
Then this is the weird part. Using your brush, paint the whole bottle generously with more PVA glue. You will think you have wrecked the whole thing! But trust, the glue will dry clear. Leave to dry for about an hour. You can do a second coat of glue if you want. But I didn't have time.
Cute and kitschy.
Just like my weekend.
Simone xx

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teeny Things in Glass

I bought this cute vintage bottle ornament some time ago and although I look at it every day it wasn't until last night that I took the time and really sat down to peer inside. Isn't it just beautiful?


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