Friday, March 18, 2011

Project Day: My Lunch

This Sunday I am hosting a lunch. Here are all the things I am making and gathering together to create a special tablescape. It is nice to think ahead and make an effort to impress your guests. For me, it is always the little things that make it special.
  • Pretty Tissue Paper Pom Poms I made by hand. So so simple. Click here for instructions.
  • Pastel coloured paper napkins from my store.
  • Take home cake boxes from Etsy.
  • Rainbow striped fabric for a tablecloth. No seams, just rip the fabric off!
  • Place mats made from jam jar covers.
  • Vintage jars waiting for rose buds. One for each place setting.
Now all I need is a nice day!
Next time you host a lunch what can you do to make it a little more special?
I will take some photo's of the day and post them next week. Have a great weekend.
Simone xx


  1. This looks lovely, your guests will adore this! Enjoy! And good luck!

  2. That looks so beautiful. Cant wait to see it all out and ready to go! Fiona

  3. I have to admit that I'm a little envious of your guests. It all looks so pretty. Enjoy the day! x

  4. Oh dear those cake take home boxes are delightful. Looks like it's going to be quite a lovely soiree!

  5. Looks like it will be the prettiest lunch on record! I love the pom poms... I'm addicted to them at the moment!

    Angela x

  6. Can I come? hehe; Looking forward to your pics of the lunch...the elements are interesting and pretty. Have fun.

  7. Looking so lovely Simone, it will be a special day for sure xx

  8. Your table is going to look a m a z i n g !!

    Can't wait to see pics...have a wonderful day :)

  9. ooo this looks like fun. look forward to the pictures of the day. how fun for a girls day in. :)

  10. What a gorgeous group of pretty. I can't wait to see yoru table. This is my first visit to your blog and I LOVE it. Heather of Dollar Store Crafts emailed me about some of your DIY projects. They're wonderful! I would love to link to some of them if you didn't mind.

  11. I really like the idea of individual vases!

  12. Have a wonderful day! It looks like it will be very pretty. Mimi xx

  13. Those placemats are divine. Wish I could be a guest. Rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine, it's going to be a lovely event.

  14. lovely,love the colours, can't wait to see the end result. Have a lovely time xx jeanette

  15. This is going to be DARLING!!! love love those sweet birds. xoxoxo hugs. xoxoxo

  16. It will be fantastic. Can't wait to see pics!

  17. Gorgeous vintage jars! What a great idea x

  18. Your lunch will be fabulous, I hope you get your sunny day! I love to use my Granny's lunch plates and tea cups with matching saucers. To me that is really special because as a young girl she had them piled up on a trolley and when we went for lunch we could choose our own to have lunch on.

  19. Little things do make wonders. I love the jars they so adorable plus the so cute tissue pom poms. I love to make some of them I'm grateful you have linked it to instructions. Have a wonderful lunch for Sunday!

  20. Pooh! Looks gorgeous. Such lovely details. I hope you get lovely weather. Can't wait to see the pics xox

  21. oohhh have a wonderful day, dee x

  22. it is sooo not to late for me to leap on a plane simone...
    well if its tomor i think i'll only make Hong Kong!
    loving the table you are having a ball!

    i am going to use your gorgeous rose bud vase idea, as i have a huge royal wedding garden party happening here...
    an aussie who believes we should be a republic...holding a village royal garden party for the wedding...mad!
    But in our defence it is our gorgeous little audreys 6th birthday that day and she will love it!

    can't wait to see your finished gorgeous table- more inspiration!
    have fun!
    melissa xx

  23. So super lovely!! Have a gorgeous luncheon, love Posie

  24. Looks like everyone will have fun.
    I love decorating for a party or a get together, it just adds to the atmosphere and it doesn't really take much to do.

    Have fun!!!


  25. your lunch looks like its going to be amazing + so much fun!! Have a fantastic time!!
    I love Ellie btw!!

  26. I really love this blog! I think it's lovely!

  27. your lunch project is lovely!



  28. This remind me of the old days....

  29. Oh it is going to be sooo wonderful...rain or no rain. I have my camera battery on charge!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  30. I love vintage! kisses from Brazil

  31. What lucky guests you'll have!

  32. Hi should be a fab day for you & I cannot wait to see the pics..

    Boo hoo i wasn't in the draw!!~

    anyway..I am coming to Brisbane wednesday I shall be sure to check out your store...& may even be there..

    enjoy your little party & your scrumptious new/old car!!~
    xx andrea

  33. Simone,
    I hope you had a wonderful lunch....I'm certain you would have and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.
    Lou x

  34. que lindas cosas que compraste!!!, que suerte, aqui no se consiguen esas cosas
    besos, mely

  35. Hi! I'm Paula from Brasil and excuse my inglish...
    I really love your party , so lovely!
    But i fall in love with the cake home boxes. I tru to find on Etsy but... snif...
    Can you give me the link where you bogth?
    Kisses paula

  36. My email:
    to send me the link of the cake home boxes
    thank you


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