Friday, July 27, 2012

Project Day: Customer Creations

It's Friday again which means customer creations time.
Can you believe Elisha found these chairs on the side of the road ready for the dump!
She rescued them, got online with us and purchased some Waverly Ellis fabric in turquoise.
What a fantastic result.

And secondly Lynette from FANON Design covered a lamp in our famous Cockatoo fabric, and she selected Turquoise as well.
The lamp is for sale in their store if you want to check it out HERE.

If you have sent in your creation and it hasn't been published yet don't worry, it will. We have so many to get through so your patience would be well appreciated.

Have a great weekend and keep creating!

Simone & Jody.


  1. Great You have a very nice webdesign here on your page i like it very much and have add your blog to my favorites.

  2. I love "side of the road" pickups. I just got a great one myself. Happy Friday!

  3. Help me Rhonda...I love it. Fabulous creations as always. xx

  4. I adore that lamp.
    Have you guys entered my Aussie giveaway yet,I think you'd really like it..xx


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